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Acteon PXPIX2

is this the simplest way to process x-rays

One of the most popular digital imaging plate scanners on the market, with the PSPIX2 X-Rays are as simple as shoot and scan

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How Solventum is Pioneering Sustainability

Solventum (formerly 3M) has become an eco-pioneer through its innovative product design and broader sustainability efforts.

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Kerr SimpliShade Bulk Fill and Bulk Fill Flow

new - simplishade bulk fill & bulk fill flow

Simplify your restoration workflow with the new SimpliShade Bulk Fill and SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow from Kerr 

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dehp composites

how dehp nano became our no.1 composite

Find out how DEHP Nano Flowable Composite has stayed Kent Express' best-selling composite for several years running

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3m restorations

enhance every stage of your restorations

Discover how 3M's impression materials, composites and polishing discs can optimise your restorations from start to finish

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Venus PURE shades

product focus - venus pure shades

Multi-shade composites like Venus Pure are designed to strike the balance between simplicity and beauty in only 4 shades

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mental dental


Why it's time to raise awareness of mental health in dentistry, remove stigma and encourage DCPs to open up 

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dental curing light

ideas for improving your dental curing

What to consider in order to maximise the overall efficiency of your curing procedures

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Dentisan new HQ


How Dentisan's move to larger premises will allow it to expand its manufacturing of award-winning infection control products

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synea fusion handpiece

what to consider when buying a handpiece

Five elements that you should give thought to if you’re looking for a first-class dental handpiece that suits all your clinical needs

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led tooth whitening

led tooth whitening - fad or fab?

The prospect of quicker results and shorter application times with LED whitening can provide a major selling point to new patients

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elements control and apex locator product focus

product focus - elements connect

When connected with the Apex Connect apex locator, elements Connect can bring added confidence to all endo procedures

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perfect prophy powder

how to find the perfect prophy powder

Meet the newly developed prophy powder designed for the gentle cleaning of the tooth both in the sub-and supra gingival areas

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dental decontamination record keeping

the importance of keeping decon records

Record keeping creates a physical audit that enables you to demonstrate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

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gum disease awareness

gum disease awareness - how you can help

It is vital that patients understand what can happen if the signs of gum disease are ignored and good oral hygiene is not maintained

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trust kent express

6 Reasons to trust kent express

Discover just what makes us the go-to e-commerce store for thousands of dentists every year. 

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root caries in older patients

mi root caries solutions for older patients

Root caries in older patients should be approached holistically with a treatment plan that identifies, protects, treats and controls

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flowable composite

can bubbles be avoided in flowables?

A look at the problem with bubbles in flowable restoratives and how to get around the issue

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lower your dental bills

dental equipment to lower your bills

Bring down your overheads by considering energy efficient dental equipment for your practice

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dental technology

are you embracing new tech enough?

How investing in new technology can speed up procedures, make outcomes more predictable and improve the patient experience

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own brand essentials

your own brand essentials checklist

Why pay over the odds on big-name brands when you can get near-identical quality products at a lower price?

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3m relyx universal resin cement

why universal resin cement makes sense

How universal resin cement solutions can simplify cementation, strengthen expertise and reduce waste

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involving patients in oral health

how to involve your patients more

How intraoral cameras are key in turning dentistry into a more human-related industry with greater patient involvement

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dentist holding handpiece

why handpiece ergonomics matter

Ergonomically-designed handpieces can be key to improving comfort and preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders 

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gingival retraction

gingival retraction cord vs paste

We look at the pros and cons of the two most popular gingival retraction methods for impression taking prep

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how to disinfect surfaces more efficiently

Save money, save time and reduce waste by switching to UltraClean bigger and better designed wipes

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flowable restoratives

6 tips for success with flowables

A list of ideas to help you get the most out of your flowable composite restorations

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dental scalers guide xp

the ultimate guide to dental scalers

An overview of the different types of dental scalers and what features to look out for to simplify scaling procedures

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child at dentist

how to support children's oral health

How emphasising fun and educational oral health with child-friendly brushes in practice can have a positive impact at home

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G-Premio BOND product focus

product focus - g-premio bond

G-Premio BOND universal adhesive is suitable for a wide array of dental treatments and most materials

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dentist wearing nitrile gloves

what dental gloves offer the best value? 

Taking time to source good quality dental gloves can help keep your team happy, patients safe and improve overall efficiency.

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K files

what makes a good k file?

K files remain crucial to achieving successful root canal outcomes especially files with advantageous characteristics and features

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phosphor plate radiography

how to convert to phosphor plate x-rays

Phosphor plate radiography is considered by many to be the cheapest way to convert from analogue to digital imaging

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own brand composites

why to consider own brand restoratives

Switching to 100% guaranteed DEHP and Cybertech restoratives can save you money with no drop-off in quality

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dental impression

how to avoid voids in dental impressions

Advice on the best techniques and materials to use to avoid those dreaded impression voids

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dental uniform range

why you should invest in your uniform

How uniform comfort, hygiene and image can have a positive impact on both the dental team and patients

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silicone dental impression

addition silicone vs condensation silicone

A look at the similarities and key differences between the two silicone impression materials

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advanced lithium disilicate

how good is advanced lithium disilicate?

Advanced lithium disilicate maximises strength, aesthetics and speed for single-visit, natural looking indirect restorations

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dental therapist

what does a dental therapist do?

Dental therapists play an important role within the dental team and are responsible for many of the same tasks as dentists

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Ultrasonic cleaning

the ultimate guide to ultrasonic baths

Everything you need to know about ultrasonic baths and how to find your perfect cleaner

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patient with teeth whitened

6 common patient questions on whitening

Equip yourself with all the information needed to confidently respond to the most common whitening queries

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Fluoride varnish treatment

The ultimate guide to fluoride varnish

Some practices are now choosing to apply fluoride varnish to all children attending appointments

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BA Optima E+ endo motor

how do built-in apex locators work?

New endo motors with integrated apex locators can help streamline procedures and reduce operation times

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Acteon C50

5 reasons to buy the c50 intraoral camera

The C50 is Acteon’s most advanced intraoral camera to date and there are plenty of reasons to invest

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EdgeEndo files

just how good are edgeendo niti files?

Now one of the most popular endo systems worldwide, EdgeEndo files offer outstanding strength and flexibility

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interdental brush guide

the ultimate guide to interdental brushes

Interdental brushes are widely considered the most effective form of interdental cleaning

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sdi pola night

sdi pola night - an essential overview

Reviewing one of the world's most widely used tooth whitening systems from SDI

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glass ionomer placement

tips for simplifying glass ionomer fillings

See how 3M's range of glass ionomer products could make your procedures quicker and easier

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dental curing light

essential guide to dental curing lights

All the key information you’ll need to find the right dental curing lights for your practice

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schulke vs dentisan

reasons to swap from schulke to dentisan

How switching from Schulke to Dentisan could save you serious money with no drop-off in quality

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digital dental x-ray

the ultimate guide to digital dental x-rays

Overviewing the different types of digital dental x-rays and the advantages that converting to digital can bring

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sustainable toothbrushes

eco toothbrushes - do patients care?

A look at the demand for bamboo and bioplastic toothbrushes and what benefits they can provide

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dentist wearing ppe

5 simple ideas for your infection control

Save resources, time and money on infection control with these quick and easy ideas

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medical emergencies in dentistry

could you recognise a medical emergency?

Seven common medical emergencies, the associated signs, prevention methods and treatment advice

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dental cement application

the ultimate guide to dental cements

Dental cements and cementation techniques are constantly evolving. Get up to date with our handy guide

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dentist explaining dental implants

why do dental implants fail?

A look at why dental implants are sometimes unsuccessful and how to reduce the chances of failure

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Enbio S autoclaves

product focus: enbio s autoclave

The Enbio S autoclave is capable of sterilization speeds 4 times faster than the average autoclave.

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dental hand towel dispenser

2 reasons to switch to dehp hand towels

Switching to DEHP hand towels from Nationwide could save your practice money and lower its carbon footprint.

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optragate and easier adhesive bonding

Discover how OptraGate lip and cheek retractors can simplify adhesive bonding procedures

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product focus: g-cem one resin cement

G-CEM ONE self-adhesive resin cement is designed to make cementation procedures quicker and easier

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biofilms in water lines

How best to defend against dental biofilms 

It is important that the whole dental team know about biofilms and the best methods for removal/prevention

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amalgam filling

does amalgam still HAVE A PLACE IN DENTAL?

A look at the present and future of silver amalgam fillings in Europe and the UK

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extreme toothache

the worrying rise of diy dentistry 

With NHS appointments still unavailable to thousands of UK residents, many have resorted to self-administration

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periodontal therapy

4-step periodontal workflow for success

Taking a scientifically supported approach to periodontal treatment is key for successful outcomes

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Venus Bulk Flow ONE

streamline with venus bulk flow one

Venus Bulk Flow ONE composite is ideal in cases with little patient compliance or time 

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curing of OptiBond Solo Plus

optibond solo plus - an essential overview

Find out what makes OptiBond Solo Plus our most popular total-etch adhesive

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uk water fluoridation

uk water fluoridation - where are we now?

Could a nationwide rollout of water fluoridation help prevent tooth decay in the UK?

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surface disinfection dental

the importance of surface disinfection

Dental surface disinfection best practice and product advice to boost your infection control

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a-silicone impression

how cyber silicone compares to honigum

Comparing two of our most popular a-silicone brands across quality, price and range

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dentist using prophy paste

how to find your ideal prophy paste

Breaking down the main differences between prophy pastes and what properties to consider

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CAD/CAM dentistry

the ultimate guide to cad/cam dentistry

A look at the ever-evolving field of CAD/CAM dentistry and its potential to improve restorations

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Alpron DUWL cleaner

alpron: an essential overview

Alpron is one of our most popular water decontamination systems and widely considered the gold standard

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dentist using twitter

How dentists can stay relevant on twitter

Stay relevant on the UK's third-biggest social media platform with these simple ideas

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ba high-speed turbine

why you should try the ba ultimate turbine

6 great reasons why the BA Ultimate range should be your next high-speed turbine

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Assistina Twin

investing in a handpiece lubrication machine

Using an automatic handpiece lubrication and cleaning system comes with many advantages

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all in one adhesive system

the benefits of all-in-one adhesive systems

Tips on how to simplify your treatment protocol with the help of Ivoclar Adhese Universal

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product focus: ledermix dental paste

Ledermix paste can be used as root canal medicament or as a pulp capping agent

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dental handpiece maintenance guide

guide to dental handpiece maintenance

Prolong the life of your dental handpieces and save on repairs with our ultimate guide

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3m restoratives

Relieving stress....the composite way

How restoratives from 3M can make composite bonding, placement and curing easier

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needlestick injury protocol

tips for preventing needlestick injuries

Guidance on the risks involved with NSIs, how to anticipate them and how to prevent them

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Kerr SimpliShade


Streamline restoration workflow and stock control without compromising strength or aesthetics

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endodontic files

how to take the fear out of endodontics

Helpful tips to put anxious patients at ease ahead of root canal treatment

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Product focus: acteon piezotome cube

Piezotome Cube can drastically improve the experience of bone surgery procedures

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a-silicone impression

what are the advantages of a-silicone?

Ins and outs of the most popular impression material in advanced restorative dentistry

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autoclave guide

The ultimate guide to autoclaves

Arm yourself with all the key information needed to make an informed autoclave purchase

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GC restoratives

how to choose the optimal gc restorative

Discover more about our popular composite and glass hybrid restoratives from GC

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dental pharmaceuticals

A dental nurse's guide to pharmaceuticals

Looking into the most commonly used pharmaceuticals and their uses in dentistry 

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high speed handpiece in use

Looking after your high speed handpiece

How correct maintenance and choosing the right brand can extend the life of your handpiece

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effective tooth whitening offering

the keys to an effective whitening offering

Follow our 4-step formula to help drive your practice's tooth whitening sales

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child first dental visit

when should a child first visit the dentist? 

Guidance on the best age for a child's first dental visit and tips for treating first-time patients.

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dental first aid training

the importance of basic first aid training

Important information on first aid and medical emergencies in a dental setting

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sustainable toothbrushes

5 reasons to stock bamboo toothbrushes

Reduce your plastic burden with sustainable bamboo toothbrushes from Wisdom

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3 etch products you should know about

A look at some of the best dental etchants on the market and how best to use them 

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Ivoclar restoratives


Ivoclar's guide to freeing up time, saving money and creating long-lasting restorations

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Osstell Beacon

implant stability made easier with osstell 

Find out how the Osstell Beacon can simplify assessing and monitoring implant stability 

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3m Experience Demo Cube

Try the free 3m experience demo cube

Contains Filtek Universal Restorative, Filtek One Bulk Fill and Scotchbond Universal Plus

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RetraXil Astringent Retraction Paste

Reasons to try retraxil astringent paste

Learn how RetraXil can help you prep for atraumatic and more precise impressions

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tepe interdental brushes v acclean

Tepe interdental brushes v acclean

Comparing our popular TePe and Acclean brushes on quality and price

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can mouthwash kill coronavirus


Just how effective is using mouthwash as an additional infection control measure?

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Voco VisCalor

Product focus: voco viscalor

The world's first universal composite with thermoviscous technology 

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3M guide prep to cem

Preparation to cementation - a 3m guide

Take time and complexity out of securing of an indirect restoration to tooth structure 

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finding the best root canal sealer

How to find the best root canal sealer

How root canal sealers work and what qualities to look out for in a product

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virtual reality head set

Predicting the future of dentistry

We look into our crystal ball to see what lies ahead over the next few years

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endo working length made easier

Introducing tHE BAE380R ENDO MOTOR

Find out how the Optima E+ can reduce time in determining endo working length

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bulk fill composites

3 keys to an effective bulk fill

What makes a bulk fill composite standout? We have the answer.

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pros and cons of private dentistry

pros and cons of private Dentistry

Wondering if private care is right for you? Use our guide to aid your decision

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high speed turbine

the ultimate guide to dental handpieces

Make a more informed handpiece purchasing decision with our extensive guide

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covid 19 and dentistry

How Covid-19 has affected dentistry

A brief look at the impact the pandemic has had and is still having on dentistry

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child brushing teeth at dentist


Which countries take the best care of their dental hygiene, which don't and why

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Artisan by Kerr

How kerr restoratives can simplify work

Discover the benefits of the award-winning Kerr Artisan restoratives range

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dental x-ray

a complete guide to dental x-rays

A comprehensive look at dental x-rays, how they work and current UK regulations

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using Orotol Plus

Product focus : orotol plus disinfectant

Everything you need to know about the world's most widely used dental disinfectant

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hearing loss in dentistry

how concerning is hearing loss in dentistry

Examining the relationship between the dental profession and hearing problems

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root canal

What is endodontics and root canal?

A guide to endodontics and what it involves for both dentist and patient

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uk dentists

UK Dental market statistics 2020/21

Highlighting some key statistical takeaways from the year in dentistry   

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dental implant


Discover how W&H equipment can enhance dental implantology performance 

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TIPS ON discussing cosmetic treatment

Advice on managing expectations and communicating clearly with patients 

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google logo

How to get your practice top of google

Shoot up Google's search results rankings with the help of these hints and tips

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alginate impression

what makes good dental alginate?

Everything to consider when looking for the right alginate impression material

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washing hands

The importance of good hand hygiene

Protect dental team and patients with an effective approach to hand hygiene

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product focus Luna composite

Product focus - SDI luna composite 

A dentist's glowing evaluation of the new SDI Luna nanohybrid composite

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fibre optic handpieces

The case for fibre optic handpieces

How handpiece fibre optics work, its uses and potential applications

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Guidance and advice on disposing of dental waste safely and legally 

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dental defibrillator

Why every practice needs a defibrillator

Equip your dental practice for medical emergencies with our essential guide

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how does teeth whitening work

How exactly does teeth whitening work?

The science behind teeth whitening and what makes an effective whitening kit

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Impregum Penta range

Product focus - impregum penta

What Impregum Penta is, what its advantages are and when best to use it

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endo file buying guide

essential guide to Endodontic files

A guide to the different endodontic file types, uses, sizes and designs 

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breathe new life into your practice

6 ways to refresh your dental practice

How to make your dental office more inviting for both patients and staff

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Reasons to try BioRoot RCS

7 great reasons to give bioroot rcs a try

The advantages of BioRoot RCS, how it works and clinical trial results

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dental disposables dos and donts

disposable dental supplies - do's and dont's

Eight suggestions of what to do and what not to do with your disposables 

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contra angle handpieces

How to find the perfect contra-angle

Key features to look out for when shopping for contra-angle handpieces

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extracted tooth

Should you let patients take teeth home

Information and guidelines on giving an extracted tooth back to a patient

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wh electric motor


An innovative system that can ensure minimum aerosol generation 

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benefits of universal composite


Find our how universal composites can simplify workflow and save you money 

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dental anaesthetics essential overview

Dental anaesthetics: essential overview 

Rundown of our most purchased local anaesthetics and how they work 

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combat bacteria in dental water lines

How to combat bacteria in water lines

Routine DUWLs monitoring and cleaning is essential for infection control  

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infection control for dental nurses

infection control for dental nurses

Explaining key infection control protocols and recommending solutions 

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dentures slow cognitive decline

Can Dentures slow cognitive decline?

New research reveals denture provision could reduce cognitive decline

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Bluephase Meter II

The Importance of testing your curing light

Eliminate any doubts and help guarantee fully-cured fillings every time

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Why You Should Consider Dental Glass Hybrids

Why You Should Consider Glass Hybrids

Discover more about the advantages of using glass hybrids as a restorative

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Reasons to switch to paperless statements

switch to paperless statements

Lower your carbon footprint and add convenience to managing finances

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Dental gloves size guide

the Dental glove size guide 

How to measure your glove size and everything else you need to know 

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tooth polishing tips and tricks

Tooth polishing tips and tricks

Advice, ideas and product suggestions for more efficient dental polishing

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dental instruments buying guide

essential guide to Dental instruments

Easy to digest buying guide to the most widely used dental instruments

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Ultra Safety Plus Twist improve paint management

ultra safety plus twist: pain management

How Septodont's updated anaesthetic syringe can improve pain management

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Infection control with kerr caviwipes

Find out how Kerr CaviWipes can help to prevent contamination hazards.

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talking teeth whitening

talk teeth whitening with patients

Advice on how best to promote and sell teeth whitening in your practice

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the rise and future of teledentistry

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the world of teledentistry

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Endodontic files from Kent Express thumbnail

discover our endodontic file top sellers

Breakdown of the best selling endodontic files available from Kent Express 

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Kent Express Own Brands

reasons to shop kent express own brands

Discover high quality, money-saving own brand alternatives from Kent Express

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Time to get your dental practice on Instagram

why your practice should be on instagram

The keys to success for promoting your dental surgery on Instagram

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Can I trust Kent Express

6 Great reasons to trust kent express

All the assurance you'll need to shop with confidence at Kent Express

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What is the best dental impression material

What's the best dental impression material?

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of different materials 

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BA dental handpieces

Why ba handpieces offer the best value

BA handpieces tick all boxes when it comes to quality, range and price

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Oral health and hygiene

How to capitalise on oral hygiene growth

Having the right oral health strategy can provide new revenue opportunities

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Smart ways to lower your dental carbon footprint

5 Ways to lower your carbon footprint

Five greener dentistry ideas to help you hit your sustainability targets

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3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement

a quick way to make cementation simpler

Find out how 3M RelyX can simplify and standardise cementation procedure

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A brief history of dentistry thumbnail

A bRief history of the dental industry

Exploring the origins, development and future of the dental industry

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Tips on cementing aesthetic restorations

tips on cementing aesthetic restorations

Advice on cementing aesthetic-pleasing restorations from Ivoclar Vivadent

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Advantages of glass ionomer cement

Advantages of glass ionomer cement

Discover more about the properties and advantages of glass ionomer cement

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Orthodontics Kent Express

Reasons to shop kent express' ortho range

Discover the benefits of shopping the new orthodontics range from Kent Express

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dental decontamination

Decontamination to rebuild confidence

Guidance on optimising your infection prevention and rebuilding patient confidence

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best practice on ventilating your dental practice


Advice on ventilating your dental practice and shortening fallow time

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How to Convert to Ultra Safety Plus Twist Syringe

how to Covert to ultra safety plus twist

Instructions on converting to Septodont's easier to use upgrade on the Ultra Safety Plus

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Dental composites guide

an essential guide to dental COMPOSITES

Our guide to dental composites to help you choose the right restoratives

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electric contra angle

Switching to electric contra angles

Electric contra-angle handpieces can offer a host of clinical advantages

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Dentisan Dentifloor


Quicken patient flow by achieving fully disinfected floor in one step with DentiFloor

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Nexus Universal Adhesive Resin Cement

half cementation time with nexus universal

Simplify your workflow without sacrificing bond strength with Nexus Universal

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3M Scotchbond Universal Plus


Introducing and highlighting the benefits of 3M Scotchbond Adhesive

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Wisdom re:new range


A positive step in the right direction for eco-friendly oral hygiene products

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Covid 19 tests for dental practices


Get accurate results in just 15 minutes with our easy-to-use test kits

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Clinisept+ mouthwash


Award-winning, unique mouthwash based on a hypochlorous solution

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The Silver Bullet: Using Silver Diamine Fluoride to arrest caries


How SDI's Riva Star can help your practice during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Duraphat Blog

focus: Duraphat fluoride toothpaste

Evaluating the benefits of Duraphat fluoride toothpaste and how it's used

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Fallow Time

How to reduce fallow time in dentisty

A useful guide on ways you can reduce fallow time in your dental practice

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Reduce aerosol with speed increasing handpieces

how handpieces can reduce aerosol

Help reduce aerosol production with speed increasing handpieces from W&H [AD]

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Hand instruments to reduce the number of AGPs performed


Switching to manual techniques can reduce the number of AGPs performed

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The Ultimate Guide to Dental Burs

The kent express guide to dental burs

Find out more about the different types of dental burs in our handy guide

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5 ways to save money on dental supplies


Make sure you're doing every one of these to help save money on  dental products

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Face Masks and Coronavirus: A Kent Express Guide

MASKS and CORONAVIRUS: the essentials

A comprehensive guide to dental face masks in the age of COVID-19

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6 tips for improving patient compliance


We examine some useful techniques to help keep your patients on the straight and narrow

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5 innovative ways to market your dental practice

5 innovative ways to market your practice

Some low-cost marketing ideas that you may not have considered before

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What does a dental nurse do?

the responsibilities of a dental nurse 

Discover the role of this vital team member, and find out how to become a dental nurse

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Whitening blog 600x600


The rising tooth whitening market presents a huge opportunity for UK dentists

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Patient Anxiety 600x600

how to Say Goodbye To Patient Anxiety

Being scared of the Dentist doesn’t only affect small children, but grown adults too

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Taste Buds 600x600

ways to Reawaken Your Taste Buds

How the whole dental team can get involved in helping our patients to become healthier

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