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Cut Cementation Time in Half with Nexus Universal Adhesive Resin Cement

Cut Cementation Time in Half with Nexus Universal Adhesive Resin Cement

Simplify your Workflow with Nexus Universal Adhesive Resin Cement

Isn't it wonderful when a dental product comes along that makes our jobs that little bit easier without having to sacrifice anything on quality?

Well, that is exactly what Nexus Universal Adhesive Resin Cement is.

As the name suggests, Nexus Universal is a truly universal adhesive resin cement that eliminates the need for primers or activators, cutting the complexity of typical cementation processes by up to 50% via the simple process shown below:

 Nexus Universal Inforgraphic

With simplicity comes added flexibility and convenience

Nexus Universal adapts to your preferred cementation technique, so you don’t have to change your protocol. It also pairs with leading universal bonding agents including OptiBond Universal, widely recognised as the gold standard.

Other benefits include:

  • A more efficient workflow with less risk of error. You have the freedom to keep using your preferred cementation protocol and stay confident in a strong bond — with reduced steps
  • One of the most secure holds compared to other leading adhesive resin cements, regardless of which leading universal bonding agent you use
  • Features a proprietary redox initiator system that virtually eliminates discolouration common in BPO/tertiary initiator systems. This results in better colour stability and long-term aesthetics

No need for a dual-cure activator. No need to light cure the adhesive. No need for metal primers / silane

Nexus Universal is the first cement to offer total dark-cure compatibility with any leading universal bonding agent.


High performance on any substrate

Nexus Universal is compatible with various indirect restorations and CAD/CAM materials, including resin, ceramic, zirconia, gold, base metal alloys, alumina, lithium disilicate (e.max), titanium, PFM and PFZ.

When the pink disappears, you’re ready to clean up!

Nexus Universal cleanup

What’s more, Nexus Universal offers easy One-Peel clean up, as well as including the smart Chroma colour clean-up indicator in the clear with chroma shade.

With this option, the pink colouration of the cement fades to alert practitioners of the optimal window to clean up excess cement – reducing the risk of leaving excess cement.

As a final bonus, Nexus Universal features extended shelf life of 24 months, with no refrigeration required.

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