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Dental Gloves Size Guide

Dental Gloves Size Guide

Dental Gloves Size Guide

When it comes to dental gloves, ensuring the gloves are the best fit possible is essential. Not only for preventing cross-contamination, but for performance and efficiency.

Finding the right sized dental gloves begins with taking a simple hand measurement.

How to measure dental glove size

How to measure your UK glove size is easy. Simply grab a tape measure and measure the circumference of your dominant hand at the widest point (excluding the thumb). This is just below the knuckles.

Use your measurement to refer to the glove size chart below and determine your glove size.

dental gloves size chart

It is essential that the glove fits the entirety of the hand. Test your fit by extending your fingers until they are straight. Stretching or signs of tears would suggest your gloves are too small.

Why is proper sizing important?

Disposable gloves that are too big and loose can slip off accidentally, cause a distraction, provide a weaker grip and give less protection from cross-contamination.

Gloves that are too small or too tight can decrease dexterity, be uncomfortable and cause stress that can result in tears.

Are men and women’s gloves sizes different?

Though on average women have smaller hands than men, when it comes to dental gloves UK and EU gloves sizes do not differ between men and women. Hence you will rarely see a specific gender listed in the product description.

Deciding on which type of dental gloves to use

vinyl gloves

The three most widely used dental gloves on the market are nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves. The key qualities and attributes of each are as follows:

Latex Gloves

  • High level of touch sensitivity
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lower priced v nitrile gloves
  • Can be powdered for easier putting on
  • Unsuitable for use by or on people with latex allergies

Nitrile Gloves

  • High level of touch sensitivity
  • Comfortable fit
  • Greater resistance to tears and punctures v latex and vinyl gloves
  • Latex-free
  • Resistant to more chemicals v latex and vinyl gloves

Vinyl Gloves

  • Lower priced v latex and nitrile gloves
  • Looser fit
  • Can be powdered for easier putting on
  • Latex-free

How to find dental gloves online

All sizes of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves can be purchased online at Kent Express, the UK’s no.1 mail order dental supplier.

When shopping for dental gloves, use the filters located down the right-hand size of the page to find the correct size you need.

Our best-selling DEHP nitrile and latex gloves are available from stock for free next delivery as standard.

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