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Hand Instruments To Help Reduce The Number of AGPs Performed

Hand Instruments To Help Reduce The Number of AGPs Performed

Hand Instruments to Reduce the Number of AGPs Performed

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 changed the dental industry overnight. As more and more practices begin to open and dentists return to practice, reducing the risk of spreading the virus remains an ongoing issue. As per the Government’s SOPs, the higher risk activities within practices are Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) which are defined as any patient care procedure that results in the production of airborne particles (aerosols)

The use of hand instruments rather than ultrasonic or motor-driven instruments can help to reduce aerosol production in the surgery. 

Dental Forceps

Dental Forceps are used for the process of tooth extraction. Kent Express offer a full range of forceps for children and adults, iincluding those for incisors, laterals, roots, molars and premolars.

Our Cybertech, DEHP, Dentsply and Hu-Friedy branded forceps all deliver exceptional performance.

Dental Mirrors

Giving dentists a third eye, Dental Mirrors reflect light on the areas of the mouth that are otherwise hard to see. We offer a range of mirrors and handles designed for comfort as well as performance.

Mirror heads at Kent Express are available in the following three categories: Magnifying, Plane and Rhodium Fronted. Both Kent Dental and Dentsply offer fantastic products catering for all three categories and are widely used by dentists across the country.

Formed of stainless steel, Kent Dental’s Mirror Heads are rust-resistant and suitable for autoclaving. This makes the sterilisation process fast, effective and hassle-free.

Dentsply’s Ash Mirror Heads come with include an aluminium coated rear surface to prevent any potential scratches, and a front surface to eliminate double images.

Dental Probes

Used for measuring the pocket depth around teeth, Dental Probesat Kent Express are available in both single and doubled ended forms. Kent Express offer both types from industry leading brands such as Dentsply, DEHP and Hu-Friedy.

The Hu-Friedy Colour Coded Single Ended Qulix Probe comes equipped with black markings to help dentists improve their accuracy. It’s suitable for ultrasonic cleaning or heat sterilisation. DEHP also offer high quality and excellent value.  


Scaling involves the removal of plaque and tartar and is considered to be another procedure with an increased risk of transmitting COVID-19. Typically, ultrasonic scalers are the go-to option, but to reduce aerosol risk a sensible alternative is hand scaling. 

Although manual scaling can mean a longer procedure time, hand instruments have been reported to be equally effective as ultrasonic scalers in subgingival plaque removal. You can browse our hand scalers here, including those from Cybertech, DEHP, Dentsply and more.


Excavators are primarily used for removing carious dentine from teeth, and provide an alternative to using a slow speed handpiece. From stainless steel to small and large hollow handles, you can browse our extensive range of dental excavators here.

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