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How Electric Motors Can Help Dentists Minimize AGPs

How Electric Motors Can Help Dentists Minimize AGPs

How W&H Electric Motors Can Help Dentists Minimize AGPs

With the Scottish government recently announcing specific funding to assist dentists in minimising aerosols and reducing infection risk, the benefits of using electric motors and speed increasing handpieces have once again come to the fore.

One of the most popular solutions on the market right now is the EM-12L Electric Motor Plug & Play with MF-100 Control from W&H.

How does the EM-12L Electric Motor work?

The motor's smart MF-100 add-on control unit provides maximum control over speed, torque and power with speeds ranging from 100 rpm to 40000 rpm.

When used in partnership with Synea Fusion WG-99 LT 1:5 speed increasing handpieces, aerosol generation can be better managed.

Speed increasing handpieces offer better control and precision at speeds up to 200,000 rpm, meaning reduced levels of aerosol.

How can speed increasing handpieces help?


Speed increasing handpieces operating at optimum cutting speed cause lower intensity dispersal of aerosol particles. 

This is due to the reduction of the bur speed and air velocity at the head, leading to differing acceleration effects on the water droplets. This limits the exposure of water spray generated aerosol into the environment.

The effect of air leakage from the head is significantly less using speed increasing handpieces.

What are the other benefits?

EM-12L motor

The sensor-controlled drive technology of the MF-100 control unit minimises vibrations and makes this electric motor particularly quiet for patient and dentist comfort.

The EM-12 L motor is ideally weighted for optimal balance in the hand, thus reducing the risk of strain and fatigue.

The benefits of the Synea Fusion WG-99 LT include ceramic ball bearings for quieter operation than many conventional handpieces.

The Synea Fusion’s compact head and glass rod illumination enable greater visibility of the treatment site, whilst a 4-port spray channel facilitates safe and consistent cooling.


With the MF-100 and the Synea Fusion WG-99 LT from W&H, dentists can benefit from an innovative system that ensures minimum aerosol generation, yet provides consistent torque for smoother, more precise applications and enhanced overall clinical results.

Adopting this alternative way of working can help assist practitioners in reducing aerosol production, fallow time, the need for enhanced PPE and heightened surgery cleaning processes.

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