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How to Convert to the Ultra Safety Plus Twist Syringe

How to Convert to the Ultra Safety Plus Twist Syringe

How to Convert your Practice to Ultra Safety Plus Twist

The Ultra Safety Plus Twist is Septodont’s updated version of its Ultra Safety Plus disposable, local anaesthetic syringe. Available since March 2021, the Ultra Safety Plus Twist is designed to be easier to use than its predecessor.

Not all dental practices are yet to make the switch. With this in mind, Septodont now offer online CPD training for dental practitioners to bring themselves up to date with the new system.

What's new with Ultra Safety Plus Twist?


Ultra Safety Plus syringe

How to switch to Ultra Safety Plus Twist

  • Do a stock take of all Ultra Safety Plus in your practice.
  • Move all the old stock of Ultra Safety Plus into one designated surgery. Make sure you take all the black handles out of the surgeries; the black handles are only to be used in the designated surgery. This is important so you do not have two different systems running simultaneously in the surgeries and you can still use up your existing stocks of Ultra Safety Plus.
  • The two systems are NOT interchangeable. The black handles only last for 100 autoclaves and are free in every box so once you have finished your stock of Ultra Safety Plus please throw the black handles away to eliminate any confusion.
  • Purchase 5 boxes of Ultra Safety Plus per chair from Kent Express. This will include five new blue handles and 500 new USP Twist syringes per surgery so you can continue with your reprocessing and sterilisation without running out of handles/syringes. Never just purchase the blue handles on their own without the syringes.
  • Make sure every member of the clinical team completes the online line training CPD Training Introduction |
  • The responsible person for the practice can also use the Risk Assessment template if you wish.
  • One Hours Verifiable CPD for doing the training. Which can also be attached to the risk assessment.
  • This training can also be used for every new clinician/nurse who starts at your practice as an induction to Safer Sharps.

Changeover complete

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