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Infection control preparing for the unexpected with Kerr CaviWipes

Infection control preparing for the unexpected with Kerr CaviWipes

Infection control – preparing for the unexpected with Kerr CaviWipes

Given our experiences over the last 18 months or so, we all need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Dental practices throughout the UK and across the world were shut down somewhat unceremoniously in 2020, however the profession was already well prepared in terms of infection control protocols.

UK dentistry fully embraced the concept of universal precautions several decades ago, which involves considering that every patient may be carrying an infectious disease. Things have needed to change in the face of Covid-19, especially in the area of the aerosol generating procedures (AGP), but dentistry rebooted in a good place.

Know what you’re buying

Infection prevention remains key, not just in terms of Covid-19 but for all transmissible diseases.

Dental team members are familiar with keeping themselves and their patients safe, but it is often worth revisiting the pertinent issues, especially when the unexpected comes along.

When it comes to surface cleaning and disinfection, there are several possible options in the UK marketplace, but not all are equally effective. Given this, it is imperative that buyers in the practice do not take things at face value and dig a little deeper to see what a product truly offers.

Kerr CaviWipes

Wiping away Covid fears

One possible solution comes in the form of CaviWipes from Kerr, all-in-one, ready-to use disinfectant wipes pre-saturated with CaviCide solution for the effective removal of dirt, as well as quick and broad-spectrum disinfection.

A well-made wipe can demonstrate both mechanical and chemical efficacy. It should always be a two-stage process – cleaning and disinfecting – and a new wipe should be used for each. Obviously, if a wipe is no longer wet or is dirty, a new one is needed to complete the job. Then the surface should be left to dry so that the crucial contact time is not disrupted.

CaviCide is effective against human coronavirus and with these extra-large and thick wipes, fungicidal, bactericidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal disinfection is achieved in just three minutes.

Available in a flat pack or cannister for convenience, CaviWipes have a low alcohol content (17%). This prevents bioburden from becoming insoluble and stubbornly adherent to surfaces, for a more effective clean and disinfection. They do not contain aldehydes, phenols, bleach or other toxic chemicals.

Protect what matters

Dental practices are busy places, so a product that combines cleaning and disinfecting is ideal to simplify the process.

Other sought-after properties of CaviWipes include:

  • widest possible anti-microbial spectrum
  • fast-action
  • non-toxic
  • wide compatibility with surfaces in the surgery
  • odourless
  • low-alcohol
  • economical

Whatever comes our way, cleaning and then disinfecting are the keys to preventing contamination hazards, helping us all protect what matters.

Kerr CaviWipes Flatpacks and Canisters are currently available on a 3+1 offer from Kent Express.

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