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Introducing Lyocell

Introducing Lyocell

Introducing Lyocell

We’re proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of Hejco uniform. Hejco products are always designed to last, but now they’ve taken their green credentials to a whole new level.

Lyocell is a plant-based material that’s durable, breathable, soft and comfortable, but produced in an environmentally friendly way. Hejco’s 50/50 Lyocell/Polyester mix uniform offers a more sustainable solution for your dental uniform.


How is lyocell made?

First produced in Alabama in 1972, Lyocell is getting attention across the fashion world: Selfridges call it a “miracle fabric”.

Starting with ground wood pulp (normally from eucalyptus or bamboo), the pulp is dissolved by a non-toxic amine oxide solution into a soupy liquid, which is then filtered and spun into long, thin white fibres. After washing and drying, the fibres are sorted and spun into yarn, which is then woven into lyocell fabric.

What does it feel like?

Missouri Tunic

The texture of lyocell is silky soft. It’s strong, flexible, elastic, light and breathable, but it’s also very durable so ideal for manufacturing uniform. 

Lyocell absorbs moisture, and has better absorption properties than cotton, so it’s perfect for busy dental professionals. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

Is lyocell suitable for sensitive skin?

It’s particularly appropriate for sensitive skin: the wicking abilities of the fabric help keep skin dry and the smooth fibre surface feels soft and supple on the skin. 

Why is lyocell environmentally friendly?

It’s formed of cellulose from plant material
Its manufacture doesn’t produce toxic by-products
The material is processed in a closed cycle where 99% of the non-toxic amine oxide solvents are recycled
Less water is required compared to cotton production
The trees grown for lyocell production don’t require irrigation or pesticides, unlike cotton
Production of lyocell is fast – it takes about 2.5hrs from chopping the wood to the carding. Compared to other man-made fibres, the process uses less water and energy.

If you’re looking for ways to make your Practice more sustainable, Hejco’s long-lasting Lyocell uniform range could be an important step forward.

Are there any disadvantages?

The only small disadvantage to lyocell is that it is a more expensive fabric compared to cotton. However, when the environment impact of each fabric is compared, cotton is much less sustainable; cultivation of cotton plants involves high levels of water and pesticides, and the production process is more environmentally costly.

Lyocell vs Tencel – what’s the difference?

Tencel is just a brand name from a type of lyocell. 

How to care for lyocell mix uniform

Hejco’s lyocell mix uniform is a 50/50 lyocell/polyester mix. This is because 100% lyocell fabric wouldn’t provide the ideal properties for uniform (for example, lyocell itself can only be washed at 30 degrees). By mixing lyocell and polyester, the uniform can be washed on hot, tumble dried on low heat, and ironed on low heat. 

The Hejco lyocell mix range is available now from our specialist uniform brand, My Dental Uniform. Click here to find out more.