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Product Focus Orotol Plus

Product Focus Orotol Plus

Product Focus: Orotol Plus

A dental suction system is easily contaminated with germs and dental material. This can lead to the formation of biofilm, a drop in performance of the suction system and failure of the unit.

Suction units therefore need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to eliminate the threat of infection and prolong the life of the unit.

The world’s most widely used disinfectant solution for this is Orotol Plus from Durr Dental.

What is Orotol Plus used for?

Orotol Plus is a non-foaming concentrate used for simultaneous cleaning, disinfection, deodorisation and care of all suction systems, amalgam separators and spittoons.

It is bactericidal and yeasticidal, and can kill enveloped viruses including HBV, HCV, HIV and coronaviruses, as well as non-enveloped adenoviruses and noroviruses.

Orotol Plus suction cleaner dissolves biofilm and prevents formation of sludge through blood and proteins by removing stubborn deposits even in difficult to access areas.

Orotol Plus instructions for use


For best performance and protection against infection, Durr Dental recommends daily or twice-daily use of Orotol Plus. Cleaning and disinfection should ideally be carried out in the evening once the day’s treatment has finished.

It is recommended that prior to cleaning and disinfection, the suction system be rinsed with cold water and the suction handpieces disinfected with a wipe.

Orotol Plus should be dosed according to the manufacturer instructions. This is 20ml (one lid full) of Orotol Plus with 1 litre of cold water or 40ml of Orotol Plus and 2 litres of cold water.

This solution should be drawn through the suction system, ideally using the OroCup system from Durr Dental.

At least 250ml of the solution should be filled into the spittoons bowl and the necessary exposure times observed. Once complete, the suction system should be once again rinsed with cold water.

Weekly or twice-weekly cleaning using MD 555 Suction Cleaner, also from Durr Dental, can be done to dissolve acid soluble deposits, such as scale or prophy powder.

How long does Orotol Plus take to work?

A range of exposure times are necessary to eliminate different types of bacteria and viruses.

Recommended application times for Orotol Plus are displayed in the table below.

Orotol Plus application times

What are the ingredients of Orotol Plus?

The composition of Orotol Plus is based on a combination of quaternary ammonium compounds, alkaline cleansing agents, complexing agents, special anti-foaming agents and adjuvants in aqueous solution.

100 grams of Orotol Plus contains 8.8 g dimethyl-dioctyl-ammoniumchloride 50% and 1.2 g benzyl-dimethyl-dodecyl-ammoniumchloride 50%.

Is Orotol Plus environmentally friendly?

Orotol Plus

Orotol plus is easily biodegradable according to OECD guideline 301 D.

The packing is made of polyethylene and can be recycled. Empty bottles should be rinsed with water before recycling.

Orotol Plus is also free of aldehyde, a toxic compound that can cause risk to human health and injury to plants once exposed to the environment.

Does Orotol Plus meet European safety standards?

Orotol Plus has been tested under high load in accordance with EN 13727, EN 14561, EN 13624, EN 14562, EN 14476, EN 17111 as well as DVV/RKI guidelines.

Where can I buy Orotol Plus?

Orotol Plus is available to purchase for GDC-registered dental professionals from Kent Express.

OroCup and MD 555 cleaner are also available, along with Orotol Ultra aspirator cleaning powder concentrate.

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