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Why You Should Consider Dental Glass Hybrids

Why You Should Consider Dental Glass Hybrids

Why You Should Consider Dental Glass Hybrids

Dental glass hybrid is a material that has been steadily disrupting the tooth restoration market over the last five years.

Glass hybrids are now the number one choice of restorative for many dentists thanks to several advantages it holds over composite.

What are Dental Glass Hybrids?

Glass hybrids are fluoroaluminosilicate glasses reinforced with a second smaller, more reactive silicate particle. This composition provides better control of setting reaction and enhanced mechanical properties.

Products like EQUIA Forte HT from GC use a unique high-molecular-weight polyacrylic acid for superior mechanical properties and improved handling.

According to GC, dentists have placed more than 15 million glass hybrid restorations in Europe as of 2021.

Reasons to consider Glass Hybrids

Dental glass hybrids can offer a cost-effective solution to common restorative problems. This includes:

  • Caries that are hard to isolate
  • Problems with adhesion
  • Limited time frames
  • Lack of cooperation from geriatric and paediatric patients
  • Affordable alternatives to amalgam



EQUIA Forte HT combines a self-cure bulk fill restorative with a highly filled, light-cure resin coating agent. This patented technology increases flexural strength and compressive strength, and gives the clinician more time to place and sculpt the restoration without increasing the overall placement time. EQUIA Forte HT has increased translucency compared to EQUIA Forte, resulting in aesthetic improvement.

  • Proven cost-effectiveness and performance
  • Packable and non-sticky for fast bulk placement
  • Moisture tolerant - no need for rubber dam
  • Chemically fuses to dentin, enamel and cementum
  • Self-adhesive and biocompatible with low shrinkage
  • Helps stimulate remineralisation

Recommended indications for EQUIA Forte HT include Class I restorations; Stress-bearing and non-stress-bearing Class II restorations; Restoration of deep lesions; Class V and root surface restorations; Core build-up; Molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH)

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