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PPE Availability - Daily Update

PPE Availability - Daily Update

Please note that due to the current increase in demand and stock piling, all PPE and infection control items are non-returnable unless faulty or damaged upon delivery and reported within 48hrs of receipt. We will also accept returns of unopened boxes of respirator masks that fail a fit test - please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Stock levels (as of 8am on 25/02/21)

Please note the stock information below is a snapshot based on our current expectations. Expected delivery dates are for guidance only. They are not definitive and may change. Please ensure you are logged in then look at the individual product to confirm the live stock status.

PPE type Availability Notes
In Stock - See the Range
In Stock - See the Range
In Stock - See the Range
Nitrile In Stock - See the Range
Max 20 boxes per practice per week

Latex In Stock - See the Range
Max 20 boxes per practice per week
Size L In Stock - See the Range

Hand soap
In Stock - See the Range
Hand sanitizer
In Stock - See the Range
We currently have good supplies of Dentigel 75% alcohol-based hand disinfectant (500ml)
Masks (Type II surgical masks - not fluid resistant)
In Stock - Buy Now
These are non-fluid resistant surgical masks, so under the latest guidelines should only be used by non-clinical staff (at the clinician's discretion)
Masks (Type IIR fluid-resistant surgical masks)
In Stock - Buy Now
Masks (FFP2 earloop respirator - Tengfei brand)
In Stock - See the Range
Masks (FFP3 headband respirator - Handanhy brand)
In Stock - Buy Now
Mask "Ear Guard" Earloop Extender
In Stock - Buy Now
Reduce tightness around ears and address issues with loose masks. Suitable for our earloop masks. Adjustable for different head sizes.
Mouthwash (Hydrogen Peroxide based)
In Stock - Buy Now
Mouthwash (Sodium Hyperchlorite based)
In Stock - See the Range
Rubber dam
In Stock - See the Range
Safety goggles
In Stock - See the Range
Shoe covers Out of stock
Surface sanitizer liquid
In Stock - See the Range
Dentisan's Dentichlor can also be used as a surface disinfectant
Surface sanitizer wipes
In Stock - See the Range
Please note that non-alcohol wipes have virucidal properties which make them effective on enveloped viruses such as COVID-19
Thermometers (Contactless)
In Stock - See the Range
Visors (standard drop)
In Stock - See the Range
Visors (full face long drop - "glasses-style" fitting)
In Stock - Buy Now
Visors (full face long drop - headband fitting)
In Stock - Buy Now
To be purchased in multiples of 25


Stock from Public Health England (PHE)

Together with some other dental wholesalers, we have received stock of some PPE items from Public Health England's central stockpile through NHS supply chain. The stipulation from PHE is that we are permitted to sell this stock to NHS and private practices based in England only. These items will be clearly indicated "PHE England only". All other items will continue to be available for all customers as usual.

In March, we were supplied with a small batch of Type IIR masks, and some of this stock may appear to have out of date "use by/expiration" dates or to have been relabelled with a new "use by/expiration" dates. NHS England have confirmed that, working with independent test facilities and the HSE, this stock has passed stringent accelerated age testing to demonstrate that it is safe to use and can be relabelled with an appropriate new shelf life.

What PPE do I need?

The PPE requirements published by OCDO EnglandOCDO Walesthe Scottish governmentFGDP, the HPSC in the Republic of Ireland and Public Health England all broadly agree that enhanced PPE is required when carrying out dental procedures that produce more aerosol, and hence are considered more likely to spread Coronavirus. The table below shows which procedures are considered by these authorities to fall into each category. This table is for guidance only - appropriate PPE should be risk assessed by the clinician based on the patient, procedure and environment, and you should check the latest information available from your regional health authority.

Care setting Waiting room or Reception

No clinical treatment
Surgery treatment involving aerosol generating procedures (AGPs)

Considered to present a higher risk of Coronavirus transmission
Surgery treatment without aerosol generating procedures

Considered to present a lower risk of Coronavirus transmission
Minimum PPE advised Type IIR fluid-resistant surgical mask FFP2/FFP3 respirator mask, which should ideally be fluid resistant. All respirator masks must be fit-tested: we recommend Dakatra fit testing services, who are available nationwide.

Eye protection, ideally disposable. If the FFP2/FFP3 mask is not fluid-resistant, a full face visor or positive pressure hood is required.

Single-use long sleeved fluid-repellent gown (if the gown is not fluid repellent, a single-use apron should be worn underneath)

Single use gloves

Scrubs, changed at least daily and washed at minimum 60C
Eye protection (based on risk assessment)

Type IIR fluid-resistant surgical mask

Single-use apron

Single use gloves

Scrubs, changed at least daily and washed at minimum 60C
Example procedures   Use of high speed handpieces

Use of Cavitron, Piezosonic or other mechanised scalers
High pressure 3 in 1 air syringe

Air polishing

Opening teeth for drainage

Hand scaling with suction

Non-surgical extraction

Removable denture stages


It's worth noting that the definition of an AGP isn't totally clear cut. The BDIA feel that all dental procedures could be considered aerosol-generating to some extent, and FGDP point out that natural transmission of viral infection is always possible (through an infected person coughing, sneezing, talking or just breathing) so it's up to the clinician to determine the most appropriate PPE based on the risk factors involved: type of procedure, level of aerosol generated, length of time of procedure, and use of mitigating factors such as rubber dam and high volume aspiration.


We always aim to deliver next day, however due to the current situation our couriers cannot guarantee this. Please ensure you are present at the shipping address between 8am-6pm on the day your order is being delivered. Couriers are following contactless protocols: they will deliver to the address entrance but not inside, no signature is required and the courier records that the delivery has been made to a representative at the delivery address. Please see the service update pages for ParcelforceFedex and UPS for the latest service updates.

A COVID-secure workplace

The management team at Henry Schein takes the COVID-19 threat seriously and have taken all reasonable measures to prepare for and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to our greatest asset our Team Schein Members, our customers, our visitors, our community and our business. We will provide additional updates as the situation warrants.


Please be aware that any recent price changes are a direct result of increased costs from our manufacturers. This is due to increased raw material costs and increased air freight costs to meet the heightened supply requirements of the medical and dental profession during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Unfortunately, this is unavoidable; PPE and infection control items will be impacted the greatest and prices will fluctuate for the short term due to the current trading environment and immense pressure on the entire supply chain. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We aim to be open and honest and keep you updated as changes happen. We appreciate your business and are committed to supporting you to deliver essential healthcare to your patients. We expect relief from the price pressure when all can return to normal.