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DEHP is one of Kent Express’ most cost-effective brands, offering exceptional value for money across hundreds of everyday dental essentials. The majority of DEHP supplies are kept in stock meaning they can be shipped to your dental practice the next working day.

This includes high performance, satisfaction-guaranteed solutions across restoratives, dental instruments, impression materials, dental burs and much more. All DEHP products are backed up by a no-quibble guarantee for complete peace of mind. Should you not be happy with any product, please contact your Account Manager for more details.
dehp needles disposable
dehp etch gel
dehp single bond

dehp etch gel tips
glass ionomer baseliner
calcium hydroxide tips

glass ionomer kit
polycarboxylate cement powder
antifog glasses

dehp etch gel
dehp visor refill
dehp face shield

Plastic Hub Needles
Endo Cold Spray

Etch Gel
GI Luting Cement
Zinc Cement

GI Base Liner
Luting Cement
Zinc Water Mix

Syringe Tips
Cleaning Cloth
Paper Towels

Economy Syringe Tips
Tray Lining Paper

Sterilisation Pouches
Polishing Kit
Orange Oil Cleaner

Surface wipes
Alginate tray
Surface wipes plus

Surface Disinfection Spray


Increase your procedural efficiency with our versatile range of DEHP dental restorative materials.
Shop flowable composites, amalgam capsules, temporary filling materials and temporary root canal filling materials.
Take advantage of the benefits of glass ionomer cement by stocking up on glass ionomer filling material, glass ionomer liner and luting cement.

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Dental Instruments

DEHP’s range of dental instruments incorporates most of the everyday items you will need, from diagnostic instruments to surgery instruments.
DEHP offer exceptional ergonomics across its plastic and stainless-steel dental instruments used for examining, treating, restoring and removing teeth and surrounding structures.
Discover friendly prices on dental polishing instruments, dental probes, mirrors, scalers, forceps and excavators.

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Dental Burs

Browsing and buying dental burs can be confusing with a huge variety on the market for a multitude of different procedures.
DEHP dental burs are a streamlined range of the most common types of diamond burs, tungsten carbide burs and steel burs used in clinics.
Find the exact dental bur shapes, head sizes and grit sizes you need for your cutting or polishing work.

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Impression Materials

Achieve outstanding impressions, particularly on crown and bridge procedures, with DEHP dental impression materials.
This includes dental alginate, dental impression trays and all other essential dental impression accessories, designed for precise, detailed reproduction.
DEHP dental alginate and impression materials are available for next working day delivery and backed by our no-quibble, money back guarantee.

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