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Easy-to-use DentiChlor chlorine tablets provide rapid disinfection for water storage containers and dental impressions, provides effective management of blood spills and makes an effective disinfectant solution for water storage containers.

The handy, purpose-made DentiChlor impression bath ensures impressions are fully disinfected prior to dispatch to the laboratory. Comes with a plastic insert for easy immersion and removal of dental impressions. Use with DentiChlor disinfectant tablets.

Dentichlor tablets

impression bath


DentiFlush is a concentrated, non-foaming detergent for cleaning suction systems in dental practices. Use 5% in water for daily cleaning. 1-2 litres of solution should be drawn through each line and up to one litre of solution for each rinse basin.

  • Powerful detergent
  • Effective cleaner
  • Non-foaming

Ddentiflush 2ltr

dentiflush 5ltr

dentisan clean water club

Dentisan Clean Water Club

The Dentisan Clean Water Club is a free* online portal that enables practices to manage, monitor, maintain and audit the water quality in the dental unit water lines of each of the chairs in their treatment rooms.

By registering with the Clean Water Club, members can register each surgery in their practice, upload dip slide images, which are assessed and reported on by Dentisan’s in-house lab technicians, establish ‘set and forget’ waterline product subscriptions, which will help ensure water quality is constantly maintained and finally, download individual certificates for each registered treatment room, which are valid for 6 months.

There are 7 simple stages to getting the most from CWC membership.

1. Register your practice
2. Verify your account
3. Register your surgeries
4. Subscribe to waterline products
5. Submit dip slide images
6. Get results
7. Download certificates

*Membership of the Dentisan CWC is free, all we ask is that you maintain a quarterly subscription to Dip Slides and either Bioclear or Bioclear Daily, delivered by Kent Express.


Product List Price CWC Price
Bioclear Dip Slides 10pk £26.50 £19.50 £7
Bioclear Kit 200ml 12pk £81.25 £59.75 £21.50
Bioclear Daily Disinfectant 1L £38.50 £28.33 £10.17