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Tetric EvoCeram

Tetric EvoCeram is the universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations that delivers outstanding aesthetics. The material's filler technology is based on an optimum blend of different fillers and filler sizes.

Tetric EvoCeram's chameleon effect ensures a natural shade blend and the product's patented light sensitivity filter provides more working time.

With over 200 million restorations placed worldwide, Tetric EvoCeram can be relied on for proven clinical performance.

Tetric EvoCeram syringe

Tetric EvoCeram Cavifil

Tetric PowerFill & Tetric PowerFlow

Tetric PowerFill is a sculptable posterior 4mm composite with light-curing times starting from 3 seconds. The composite material offers true-to-nature aesthetics for posterior restorations.

Tetric PowerFlow is a flowable posterior composite that offers the same curing depth and speed as Tetric PowerFill.

The chameleon effect of both materials ensures a natural shade blend and the short curing time results in fewer errors.

Tetric PowerFill

Tetric PowerFlow

Bluephase Style LED Curing Light

Bluephase Style is a cordless LED curing light suitable for the polymerization of light-curing dental materials between the wavelengths of 385-515 nm. It is Europe's best-selling LED polymerisation light. 

  • Reliable curing performance for all light-curing materials due to polywave LED
  • Short curing times starting from 3 seconds due to a high intensity up to 3.000 mW/Cm2
  • Wide light guide for time-saving single-exposure curing procedures
  • Additional Pre-Cure program

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Bluephase curing light


OptraGate is a latex-free lip and cheek retractor. The aid’s unique flexibility and elasticity make it comfortable to wear and assist patients to keep their mouth open.

Easy access to the cavity

  • Lips and cheeks are evenly retracted around the mouth
  • Easily accessible, manageable treatment field
  • Effective and quick relative isolation
Relaxed and more efficient treatment procedure
  • Easy placement
  • Increased concentration on the actual treatment procedure
  • Relieves the work of the dental assistant and dentist
High patient comfort of wear
  • 3-dimensional flexibility for a very good positioning
  • Soft, flexible material with recesses to accommodate the upper and lower lip frenulum
  • Good compatibility thanks to the latex-free material 

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Apexit Plus

Apexit Plus is a radiopaque, non-shrinking root canal sealer paste that is based on calcium hydroxide. It is used for the permanent obturation of root canals and it is suitable for use in conjunction with all obturation techniques involving gutta-percha.

  • Excellent tissue tolerance
  • Durable sealing of the root canal due to the slight setting expansion
  • Its easy flowing composition allows the material to adapt well even to morphologically complicated canals
  • Convenient application (automix syringe and Intra Canal Tip enable easy direct application)
  • Long working time (mixed Apexit Plus can be used over 3 hours at room temperature)

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apexit plus