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Kerr Simpli Shade

Kerr Simpli Shade

Introducing SimpliShade™ Universal Composite System


Choose SimpliShade™ Universal Composite to streamline your restoration workflow and inventory management, without compromising strength or esthetics.

Featuring three shades (Light, Medium, and Dark),SimpliShade makes it quick and easy to match all 16 VITA® Classical shades — resulting in quicker shade-matching that leads to faster chair time.

With less product to stock, re-order, and track, SimpliShade allows doctors to focus on caring for patients instead of managing inventory. This added simplicity comes with superior strength, lifelike esthetics, and long-lasting performance.

With SimpliShade, beautifully strong restorations are easier than ever.





Simplification Without Compromise
Simplify your workflow and inventory management without compromising the things that matter the most when it comes to your restorations.

Restorations That Shine
SimpliShade’s smaller particle size of 50nm allows for better polishability and ability to maintain luster and gloss over time.

Longer-lasting Restorations
ART system allows for high loading of 81% for excellent strength, better resistance to chipping and fracture overtime.

Excellent Radiopacity
The more radiopaque, the easier it is to distinguish the restoration from the tooth structure under a radiograph.

Optimal Translucency
SimpliShade provides ideal opacity to mimic tooth structure, to better mask underlying tooth stains, and blend well with surrounding dentition, resulting in a more lifelike restoration.

Better Blending
SimpliShade has an enhanced chameleon effect for better blending.

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