OptiBond Universal
Single-Component Universal Dental Adhesive

OptiBond Universal is the one bottle dental bonding agent that combines the reliability of patented OptiBond GPDM technology with the ease of use of a universal solution.

Reliable bond strength to all surfaces and substrates, in any etching technique. Efficacy and flexibility coming together at last.

  • One bottle. One coat.
  • Proven strength.
  • Complete versatility.
  • Protection against post-operative sensitivity.

SimpliShade Composites
Simplified Universal Composite with Adaptive Response Technology

Featuring three shades (Light, Medium, and Dark), SimpliShade makes it quick and easy to match all 16 VITA Classical shades — resulting in quicker shade-matching that leads to faster chair time.

  • Powered by ART. Designed with Adaptive Response Technology (ART) found in Harmonize, get lifelike restorations with exceptional strength
  • Improved adaptation to the internal walls and restoration margins.
  • Save Time and Money. Reduce your stock requirements, declutter your shelves, and spend less time re-ordering multiple products and keeping track of expiration dates.
  • Use with Confidence. SimpliShade works in all cavity classes without the need for a blocker.

4-grits system for contouring, finishing, polishing and high gloss polishing

For composites, glass ionomers, amalgams, semi and precious metals. OptiDisc is available in three different diameters, to help reach posterior areas with ease and without harming the soft tissue.

  • The translucent material affords great visibility of the working area, for extra precise finishing.
  • Flexible - Thin disc allows for greater disc flexibility.
  • Long-lasting performance - Made of durable polyester impregnated with aluminium oxide particles.
  • Ready to use abrasive layer - Uncoated cutting edges of coarse discs for high efficiency from the start.

Herculite XRV Ultra
Universal nanohybrid composite

Based on the well-established Herculite XRV formula, Herculite XRV Ultra uses nano-filler technology to bring more comfortable handling, polishability and wear resistance. It also replicates the opalescence and fluorescence of the natural tooth to give a more aesthetic appearance.

Outstanding flexural strength

Herculite XRV Ultra Flow has excellent mechanical properties, including strength.

Low shrinkage

Leading experts cite low shrinkage as a critical feature of flowable composites; Herculite XRV Ultra Flow was specially designed with a high-filler loading rate for minimal polymerisation shrinkage.

SuperMat Matrices - Assorted Kit
Universal tensioning system ideal for both transparent or steel posterior matrices.

SuperMat is easy-to-use, time-saving and comfortable for the patient. 

A miniature tensioning element affixes the matrix, meaning the matrix retainer becomes obsolete. As it fits the matrices anatomically, the finishing work required is reduced.

Assorted Kit includes:

  • Adapt Matrices in Steel Assorted x 14
  • Adapt Supercap Matrices x 6
  • Transparent Assorted Matrices x 6.

Maxcem Elite Chroma
Self-etch, self-adhesive resin cement with clean-up indicator

Maxcem Elite Chroma is ideal for indirect restorations. A gel state colour clean-up indicator gives dentists the ideal time to remove excess cement. It is suitable for use with all desired indirect restorations and substrates including zirconia, gold, rexillium, lithium disilicate, porcelain, composite and titanium.

  • High bond strength 
  • 280% radiopacity
  • Automix delivery system
  • Dual cure
  • Long-term colour stability
  • One-peel clean-up