OptiBond™ Solo Plus
 Total-etch, single-component dental adhesive for virtually every clinical application.

OptiBond™ Solo Plus is effective for all direct and indirect indications, in moist or dry environments.

  • Single dose bonding agent
  • One coat required - no air dry step
  • Reinforces dentine tubules at greater depth than unfilled or ‘nano’ filled systems
  • Ready to use abrasive layer - Uncoated cutting edges of coarse discs for high efficiency from the start
  • Ethanol-based – the adhesion promoters are carried in an ethanol solvent, diminishing both the tedious need for multiple coats and constant reapplication commonly experienced with acetone adhesives


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SimpliShade Composites
Simplified Universal Composite with Adaptive Response Technology

Featuring three shades (Light, Medium, and Dark), SimpliShade makes it quick and easy to match all 16 VITA Classical shades — resulting in quicker shade-matching that leads to faster chair time.

  • Powered by ART. Designed with Adaptive Response Technology (ART) found in Harmonize, get lifelike restorations with exceptional strength
  • Improved adaptation to the internal walls and restoration margins.
  • Save Time and Money. Reduce your stock requirements, declutter your shelves, and spend less time re-ordering multiple products and keeping track of expiration dates.
  • Use with Confidence. SimpliShade works in all cavity classes without the need for a blocker.


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Maxcem Elite™
Self-etch, self-adhesive resin cement

Offering outstanding adhesion for indirect restorations, its thixotropic property facilitates the placement of material and clean-up.

  • One-Peel™ clean-up, no hand mixing and no refrigeration required
  • Dual-cure mechanism
  • No colour shift for better aesthetics
  • Compatible with all indirect restorations
  • The optimised resin matrix and filler systems improve wettability, resulting in greater adhesion to dentine


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maxcem elite

elements™  Connect
Cordless endo motor

Elements Connect ™ is built to add simplicity to complex treatments through several practical features and functionalities.

  • Adaptive, Reciprocation and Rotary motions in one motor allows you to maintain your existing endo techniques and protocols
  • Automatic self-calibration assures measurement accuracy
  • Change speed and torque to your liking, and save your preferred setting as a pre-set
  • Built-in motions allows you to confidently use your motor with virtually any file system
  • Easily moved around with its lightweight, ergonomic and cordless build.


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Apex Connect
Electronic apex locator to work alongside elements Connect

Enjoy real-time views of working length information with a full colour display and smart light indicator.

  • Audible indicators provided additional alerts and confidence levels
  • Know when you’ve reached the bottom of the canal when the indicator changes colour as you reach deeper
  • Automatic self-calibration in the Apex Connect ensures measurement accuracy
  • Move easily between rooms with a portable cordless motor connected to lightweight indicator and display


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