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Luna 2

Luna 2 is a universal composite containing a hybrid of nano and micron sized particles to achieve optimal aesthetics and strength.

The composite's formulation mimics lifelike translucency, opalescence, and fluorescence to provide consistently predictable and more natural looking restorations.

SDI Luna 2 has superior compressive strength and a high flexural strength of 136 MPa, ideal for use in stress bearing areas and withstanding the forces of mastication. Non-stick handling means the material will not slump or pull back, enabling the efficient creation of optimal dental morphology.


Luna syringe

Luna complet

Pola Light

Pola Light is an advanced take home tooth whitening system that combines an award-winning whitening formula with an LED mouthpiece for a faster whitening treatment.


  • Fast acting, delivering whiter teeth in little as 5 days
  • Formulated to safely remove long term stains
  • Fully rechargeable for future tooth whitening treatments
  • Returns a patient’s smile to the whitest natural shade possible
  • Remineralisation to strengthen the teeth
  • Extra hydration to minimise sensitivity

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pola light

Super Etch

Super Etch from SDI is a 37% phosphoric acid etchant for enamel and dentine. Easily controlled Super Etch gel flows under direction, not under gravity.


  • Blue tint gel provides high visibility for precise placement
  • No interference with adhesive or slump
  • Inorganic silica gel thickener is no obstacle to the adhesive
  • Leaves no waxy residue
  • Promotes adhesive resin penetration and resin tag formation

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super etch

Aura Bulk Fill

Aura Bulk Fill is a universal, ultra-restorative material based on the natural make-up and colours of enamel and dentine. The material uses a simple layering technique to reproduce the natural colours of teeth.


  • 5mm depth of cure
  • Natural-looking restorations with just one universal shade
  • High depth of cure without the need for a capping layer
  • Easy placement in a matter of seconds
  • The waxy consistency is packable and non-sticky to optimise handling

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aura bulk fill