Luna 2

Luna 2 is a universal composite containing a hybrid of nano and micron sized particles to achieve optimal aesthetics and strength.

The composite's formulation mimics lifelike translucency, opalescence, and fluorescence to provide consistently predictable and more natural looking restorations.

SDI Luna 2 has superior compressive strength and a high flexural strength of 136 MPa, ideal for use in stress bearing areas and withstanding the forces of mastication. Non-stick handling means the material will not slump or pull back, enabling the efficient creation of optimal dental morphology.

Luna 2 syringe

Luna 2 complets

Super Etch

Super Etch 37% wt phosphoric acid etchant for enamel and dentine. Easily controlled Super Etch gel flows under direction, not under gravity.

No interference with adhesive
Super Etch inorganic silica gel thickener is no obstacle to the adhesive. Other etchants block adhesives with a wax-like polymer residue which can inhibit penetration and bonding.

Thixotropic gel
Super Etch non-slump gel offers precise placement. Agitate the gel to lower its viscosity.

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Riva Glass Ionomers

Resin reinforced glass ionomer restorative materials with exceptional strength, aesthetics and handling. Indications include small Class I and II restorations, deciduous teeth restorations, core build-ups, cervical erosions, temporary fillings and abfraction lesions.

Features ionoglass technology which is a radiopaque, high ion releasing, reactive glass. The material releases substantially higher fluoride to assist with remineralisation of the natural dentition.

riva self cure

riva light cure

Pola For Aligners

Pola whitening gel for aligners is perfectly formulated for use with orthodontic aligner trays.

It can easily be used as a take home kit, ensuring a great patient experience by providing whiter, brighter smiles with no additional wear time.

Pola For Aligners combines the same benefits of the award-winning Pola whitening formula. These include:

  • The greatest patient comfort in a whitening kit.
  • Contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce sensitivity for long term use.
  • High viscosity gel ensures it can be easily and securely placed into the aligner tray, staying in place.

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pola for aligners

Pola Day/Night Kits

The high viscosity, neutral ph tooth whitening gels ensure the greatest patient comfort in a take home kit. The unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high water content assist in reducing sensitivity.

Natural soother and conditioner
The incorporation of special additives minimises plaque formation and enhances remineralisation to further reduce sensitivity. Antibacterial properties help in tooth recovery.

High water content
The high water content of the gel reduces dehydration of the enamel and decreases patient sensitivity.

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