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Ultra Safety Plus Twist

Safe routine dental local anaesthetic injections

Features & benefits
  • Protection from needle stick injuries for you and your staff
  • In line with latest regulations
  • Easy and secure lock makes the device intuitive and safe
  • Available with either sterile single-use or sterilisable handles
  • Both passive and active aspiration for the security of the patient
  • Transparent barrel to allow visualisation of aspiration
  • Two different positions: Holding Position (reversible) and Locking Position (irreversible)
  • Bevel indicator facilitating the appropriate orientation of the bevel

Septoject Needles
Sterile single use dental needle

Routine administration of dental local anaesthetics

Features & benefits:
  • Less trauma to the tissue achieved through a triple-bevel needle.
  • A polished & siliconised cannula and an excellent flexibility of the needle with the use of high grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage.
  • A bevel indicator which aids orientation of the bevel to the bone.
Every single needle is tested with a traction test before release, in our dedicated affiliate that develops and manufactures high quality needles.
New adhesive system more environment-friendly
Sterilised by using ethylene oxide.

Septoject XL Needles
Sterile single use dental needle with enlarged bore

Routine administration of dental local anaesthetics

Features & benefits:
  • With enlarged bore (43% wider than the one of a standard needle) to reduce level of pressure during injection, thus leading to less pain for the patient.
  • Less trauma to the tissues achieved through a triple-bevel needle.
  • A polished & siliconised cannula and an excellent flexibility of the needle.
  • High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage.
  • With bevel indicator to assist in orientating the bevel during injection

Septoject Evolution Needles
Sterile single use dental needle, with scalpel-designed bevel

Routine administration of local dental anaesthetics by infiltration or intraligamentary injection

Features & benefits:
  • Scalpel designed bevel cuts rather than tears tissue requiring less force for the needle insertion.
  • Less tissue is displaced resulting in reduced discomfort for the patient.
  • The centred position of the bevel results in less defection and greater control for the dentist.
  • High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage.
  • 2 bevel marks on hub for optimal use


CHX 2% root-canal solution


  • Final irrigation and debridement of root canals after instrumentation in endodontic treatment.
  • The composition of R4+ is enhanced by patented surface modifiers (wetting agents).
Features & benefits
  • Residual root canals’ rinsing and cleansing
  • The wetting agents provide canal periphery and tissues infiltration and greatly
  • improve product performance.


Synthetic Bone Substitute

The range allows you to choose the pace of your bone graft procedure.

If you require a socket filling with a fast new bone formation to prevent future bone weakness, RTR+ 80/20 might be your preferred choice.

If you prefer a longer resorption pace, hence an even more stable new bone formation, the RTR+ 40/60 might be preferred.

Biphasic formulation (HA/BTCP): New biphasic formulations allowing a resorption at the right pace which leads in the creation of a new stable and qualitative bone.

Global Porosity of 70%: interconnected network of macropores and micropores: Enables the colonisation of bone cells and biological fluid uniformly within the matrix.


EDTA 17% irrigation solution

a powerful chelating solution to remove inorganic debris (smear layer) and lubricate the canals in endodontics.

Used to:

  • loosen up calcifications,
  • remove smear layer,
  • allow instrumentation (canal shaping) and debridement in a tight/calcified root canal towards the apex.
Features & benefits
  • EDTA 17% concentration effectively removes inorganic material and provides possibility to obturate greater number of lateral canals
  • optimized chelation provides optimal performance for proper root canal cleaning

Canal + Cream:
EDTA cream for root canal preparation


  • Root canal preparation with endodontic instruments
  • Presence of calcification in the canal
  • Narrow canals in posterior teeth
  • Smear layer removal

Product’s features, advantages and benefits:

  • Reduces friction of endodontic instruments thanks to a lubrication effect for an easy root canal preparation and filing
  • Removal of inorganic substances through chelating action for an effective root canal preparation and cleaning


Resorbable, sterile, hemostatic gelatin sponges

Hemogelatin can be used dry or soaked with sterlie saline solution through simple application or by exerting slight pressure like a haemostatic device, for controlling the bleeding on extraction sites, periodontal surgical wounds, suture sites, oral ulcers (non-infected or viral), traumaric wound and denture sores.

Osteoconductive: provides a matrix for new bone growth

Bioative: for ionic exchange: TCP dissolution and bone crystal precipitation create newly bioactive interface with bone cells.

Synthetic: safe and assured quality

Sterilisation - irradiation (shelf life 5 years): safe and adapted to dental practice.

Parcan N

NaOCI 3% solution for canal irrigation

  • Paracan N 3% NaOCI is a watery solution of sodium hypochlorite.
  • At low concentrations, it mainly dissolves necrotic tissues - at higher concentrations, it also destroys vital tissues.
  • Strong oxidizing property.
  • Efficient effervescence for better channel cleaning. 
  • Clinical efficiency of NaOCI stabilized solution. 
  • Concentration 3% - safe, pure and ready to use.

Dentapen: a new generation of electronic syringe to perform pain free injections

Septodont’s Dentapen injection gives a constant flow, at the right pace. This allows the dentist time to focus more on needle insertion, leading to better control of the injection and a reduction in pain for the patient. During a study done on dentists who received a palatal injection, 96% of them preferred injections from an electronic syringe versus a manual syringe and their pain perception was reduced by a factor of two.

What makes the Dentapen different is that it is a self-contained, cordless, intuitive device. There is no console, no footpads and no tubing or proprietary disposables. It can be held in two different ways – by the wings, like a manual syringe, or pen-like, for a precise injection during special procedures. Dentapen takes standard 2.2ml cartridges which means that dentists can use the local anaesthetic of their choice and their favorite dental needle. Patients find the small, modern look to be less threatening and more reassuring, helping them to relax.

Powered Injector for dental anaesthesia

Routine Administration of local dental anesthetics

Features & benefits

  • Ergonomic and lightweight (1.4 ounces / 40 grams)
  • Compatible with the needle of your choice
  • Two different handles allow you to hold like a traditional syringe or pen-style
  • Cordless and battery-operated without a foot pedal or console
  • 3 injection speeds for better management of your injections
  • 2 modes (continuous flow or gradual increase)
  • Takes standard 2.2ml cartridges

BioRoot RCS
Bioactive root canal sealer

Permanent root canal obturation

Features & benefits
  • Latest generation bioactive root canal sealer based on high purity mineral chemistry.
  • High seal ensured through a tight gutta percha/sealer dentine interface and dentine structure mineralization. Antimicrobial properties due to calcium hydroxide release to reduce the risk of treatment failures.
  • Bioactive properties to promote peri-apical healing.
  • Fast and easy placement in the root canal with any cold obturation technique
  • Radiopaque for easy follow-ups.
  • Easily removed from the root canal in case a retreatment is necessary

Biodentine is a easy to use innovative material to be used wherever dentine is damaged. It promotes tooth remineralisation and its outstanding sealing properties ensure less post-operative sensitivity and less bacterial percolation.


In the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentine restoration, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, pulpotomy.

Features & benefits:

  • Versatile usage: endodontic repair and restorative procedures.
  • Reactionary dentine genesis for pulp vitality preservation.
  • Natural micro mechanical anchorage for excellent sealing properties without surface preparation and for post-operative sensitivity elimination.
  • Similar mechanical properties and mechanical behaviour as human dentine for similar stress distribution 3.5 mm aluminium radiopacity for easy short and long term follow-up.