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Short Dated Stock

Short Dated Stock

Kerr OptiBond Extra Universal Refill Primer 5ml (KX223789)

Bonding agent with innovative Smart pH technology patented formula, enriched with GPDM monomer and Ternary Solvent System. Outstanding compatibility with virtually all types of cements, composites and core build-up materials, eliminating the need for auxiliary products. Easy and consistent two-bottle protocol with any etching technique. Full reliability afforded by OptiBond technology.

Current stock expires End August 2021.

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Optibond Extra

Coltene PRESIDENT Heavy Body 50ml 2pk (222369)

A-silicone wash materials that are stable yet extremely free-flowing under pressure, to capture all marginal details precisely. Hydrophilic properties are affected by surfactants in the material. In contact with moisture, additives move to the surface and decrease the surface tension, resulting in an improved wettability.

Optimal flowing behaviour in a wet environment. Even levelling and thixotropy which results in accurate contours. Fresh, improved colours provide a better contrast between wash and tray material and thus show a more accurate detail readability.

Current stock expires End June 2021.

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Coltene President