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Henry Schein Brand Medical Gloves

Henry Schein Brand Medical Gloves

Henry Schein Brand Gloves

Nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves are the three most widely used gloves in healthcare. Each glove type has its own unique qualities and attributes that make it suitable for different clinical needs and personal preferences.

All glove types are available from our much-loved Henry Schein Brands offering the perfect blend of excellent value and exceptional quality.

Leading the way are our DEHP nitrile gloves. Designed for maximum sensitivity, dexterity and comfort, DEHP nitrile gloves offer the durability and barrier protection required to reduce the chances of contamination.


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Reasons to Consider Henry Schein Brand Gloves


Tried, Tested and Loved

DEHP Nitrile Gloves conform to EN455 Standards for single use medical gloves. This includes tests to assess penetration resistance, plus tests to assess the dimensions of the gloves and mechanical strength of its materials. Our nitrile gloves are tried and tested to both act as a barrier against microorganisms and perform effectively without breaking.

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Improved Efficiency

DEHP nitrile gloves are designed to make everyday tasks easier and more comfortable. From the very start of a shift, the textured fingers make donning and changing the gloves more simple. Once on, the excellent textile sensitivity provided allows the team to handle objects safely and efficiently whilst minimising restrictions on movement.

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Patient Friendly

One of the reasons nitrile gloves have eclipsed latex gloves in popularity is because nitrile is more suitable for treating a wider pool of patients. Though nitrile allergies do exist, they are far less likely to occur than latex allergies and sensitivity. As well as being latex-free, DEHP nitrile gloves come with a powder-free coating to ensure they are secure from dust contamination.

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All Bases Covered

Nitrile is not the only glove on the market. DEHP Latex gloves, which also come with textured fingers, are still widely used in the industry and are preferred for their high level of touch sensitivity. Powder-free vinyl gloves offer the lowest price of the three and are perfectly suitable for low-risk situations. Surgical gloves are also available in latex and nitrile.

Why size matters

Glove size is important. Gloves that are too big can slip off accidentally, cause a distraction and provide a weaker grip whilst gloves that are too small can decrease dexterity, be uncomfortable and tear easily.

Measuring your glove size is easy. Simply grab a tape measure and measure the circumference of your dominant hand at the widest point (excluding the thumb). This is just below the knuckles.

Use your measurement to refer to the glove size chart below and determine your glove size.

Henry Schein gloves size chart

Henry Schein Seal of Excellence
All of our Henry Schein Brand gloves have met extremely high standards to earn the Henry Schein ‘Seal of Excellence’. This is your 100% guarantee of satisfaction. We’re so confident that you will love our gloves that we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Why are Medical Gloves Important?

Medical professionals often wear gloves for treatments and examinations. This is to help prevent the spread of germs and to protect both themselves and the patient.

Rushing into buying the cheapest gloves based purely on price can backfire as poor quality gloves can lead to discomfort, poor handling and inferior barrier protection. It can also lead to long term consequences such as hand fatigue and spending excessively on gloves that keep breaking.

Investing in good quality medical gloves does not have to be expensive and can help improve both comfort levels and efficiency within the team. Our Henry Schein Brand gloves are proof of this.

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