Tax guidelines

Tax guidelines

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As well as the convenience of low monthly payments, using a Henry Schein Financial Services Option will also allow you to maximise the tax benefits that are available on capital equipment investment. This would enable you to either write down the value of the equipment against your Annual Investment Allowance, or to offset your monthly lease payments against tax.

Lease Costs 5 Year Lease
Equipment Cost (Excluding Vat) £100,000.00
Monthly Repayment £2,050.00
  5 Year
Total Over 5 Years £123,000.00
Less Tax at 40% £49,200.00
Net Cost £73,800.00
Annual Net Cost £14,760.00
Weekly Net Cost £283.85

The details shown above are for illustration only and are not designed to be a formal quotation.

The monthly payments shown apply to a business lease.

Lease payments may be fully tax deductible.

Further details are available from Henry Schein Financial Services on 08700 10 21 20.