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Young Innovations

Young Innovations

Young Innovations is a leading manufacturer and distributor of supplies and equipment used by dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and consumers. The portfolio includes respected brands and products in restorative, periodontal and diagnostic as well as preventative dental procedures.

The American company was established in 1900 and is based in Chicago, while the European headquarters are located in Heidelberg, Germany. Microbrush, Dry Tips, Young Dental, Pro-Tip, Pro-Matrix,  as well as inSafe are all leading brands in their segment. Known for consistent quality and innovation all our brands are designed to give security and peace of mind that every procedure is a successful procedure.

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Pro-Matrix® is a single-use solution for amalgam and composite restorations for use in all quadrants in every class. Pro-Matrix® is fully disposable to comply with cross infection protocols and saves time and effort of assembling and sterilising.

  • Circumferential Band can be used for MO/OD/MOD/ Cusp replacements
  • High-tension mechanism for better compacting
  • Easy contouring to tooth shape
  • Narrow front section – better visibility and patient comfort
  • Suitable for use with wedges and rubber dam

Pro-Matrix Curve® has the additional benefits of being pre-contoured and has a longer band for larger teeth.


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Young pro matrix

Pro-Tip® Turbo air/water syringe tips have a 2-chamber system to separate air from water, guaranteeing instant dry air when and where you need it.

  • High power air jet
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Dry air every time and perfect misted spray
  • Locking system secures tip safely
  • Sealed separation of air and water
  • Rigid for effective cheek retraction
  • Wide range of converters to fit most syringes

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Young pro tip

Young™Dental´s product line offers innovative and high-quality prophylaxis products for professional dental cleaning. Apart from a versatile selection of latex- and BPA-free prophy cups and hygienic disposable prophy angles, the assortment includes delicious vegan polishing paste (free from gluten and fluoride) as well as disclosing solutions and tablets (without gluten and erythrosine) for a comprehensive prophylaxis approach.

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For a proper moisture control during fissure sealing, fillings and other kind of treatments, Microbrush® offers you DryTips® and Reflective DryTips® parotid gland plasters. They facilitate the work far back in the oral cavity and help to keep the working area dry. DryTips® are flexible enough to adapt to facial movements, but stay in place and can be removed with water spray. The new reflective silver-coated backing reflects light and improves the visibility in the mouth.

Swap your cotton rolls with DryTips® now.

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Dry Tips

The Microbrush® product range presents various disposable applicators for the precise and economical use of liquids and gels. All are flexible and designed to remain in the desired position without rebounding. Non-absorbent fibers hold the solution and allow for excellent release and accurate placement of material.

Our well-known Original Microbrush® applicator series is accompanied by the “specialist“ for endo treatments namely Microbrush® X and the UltraBrush® bristle series. Micro-Stix™ applicators with their adhesive tip are another addition to our applicator assortment.

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