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BA International OPTIMA EOS 350

BA International OPTIMA EOS 350

BA International OPTIMA EOS 350 Extra-Oral Suction System

BA International’s high power Extra-Oral Suction system is designed to effectively capture droplets and airborne aerosols produced from dental treatments while ensuring patient comfort. Its medical grade filtration and ultraviolet disinfection systems also will efficiently purify air in enclosed clinics.

BA Optima EOS 350

Ultra strong suction power

Strong 1.2kW suction motor creates a suction volume of up to 3,000 L/min. The power level is adjustable.

Ultra strong suction power 

Intelligent Airflow Dynamics

The exhaust air is released from a rear-mounted air vent at the top of the system to prevent dust particles or contaminants blowing up from floor surfaces. The air vent located at the rear maximises comfort during treatment and circulates clean air in the room.

 Intelligent airflow dynamics

Medical grade filtration system

The medical grade triple layer HEPA filter traps 99.995% of particles >= 0.3μm (H1 European standard EN779-1993) with a long service life of one year (or 1,000 hours).

 Medical grade filtration system

Medical grade ultraviolet disinfection system

The double UVC lamps, positioned before the HEPA filter, sterilise viruses and bacteria that are trapped by the filter. UV disinfection is considered safer than plasma disinfection. The lifetime of this system is expected to be >8,000 hours of continuous use.

 Medical grade UV disinfection system




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Removes high volume of droplets and aerosols produced during treatment

Removes a high volume of droplets and aerosols produced during treatment

Other features

• Airtight casing - prevents contaminants from escaping and reduces noise
• Lightweight design for easy moving between surgeries using ergonomically placed pull handles
• Quiet operation at 58db (air cond volume) and silent wheels with minimal noise
• Intelligent control panel with digital indicator
• Auto HEPA filter replacement reminder
• Adjustable power levels
• Optimized height for easy handling
• Easy to disinfect

BA Optima EOS 350