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Big White Smile

Big White Smile

Premium Whitening Without the Premium Price

Big White Smile is a premium quality whitening gel designed to deliver excellent whitening results with noticeable effects after just a few days.

All Big White Smile gels contain a unique formula containing desensitisers and with optimum water content to hydrate the teeth during treatment and avoid sensitivity.

Big White Smile is intended for use with a custom designed application tray - still seen as the most controlled and effective way to whiten teeth.

222358 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Syringe 3ml x 4

222359 10% Carbamide Peroxide Syringe 3ml x 4

222360 16% Carbamide Peroxide Syringe 3ml x 4

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Big White Smile key features:

  • Visible results after just a few days.
  • Concentrated viscous gel for stability during application.
  • pH neutral formula - kind to teeth.
  • Potassium nitrate & fluoride combined sensitivity management.
  • Water integrated gel to help minimse dehydration.
  • Minimum wear time.
  • Subtle mint flavour.
  • Eco friendly attractive packaging.

As well as removing surface stains. Big White Smile whitening gels penetrate into the centre of the tooth and whiten from inside out. This gives an effective yet long lasting effect.

How long do Big White Smile gels take to work?



Big White Smile 10% CP for 8-10 hours (or overnight)

A gentle tray whitening formula with a combined potassium nitrate & fluoride sensitivity management. Working overnight, this gel is designed for patients who want to whiten while they sleep.


Big White Smile 16% CP for 4-6 hours

An effective tray whitening formula with a combined potassium nitrate & fluoride sensitivity management that can be worn for 4-6 hours during the day


Big White Smile 6% Hydrogen Peroxide for 1-1.5 hours

A fast acting, tray whitening formula which conforms to the highest level of EU accepted peroxide. Big White Smile contains potassium nitrate & fluoride sensitivity management that can be worn for 30-90 minutes a day. A comfortable and convenient treatment for people who want quick results.


Big White Smile's active ingredients explained

Big White Smile gels release large quantities of oxygen free radicals which penetrate the colour pigments inside the tooth, altering the shade of the teeth without affecting tooth structure. Big White Smile is a safe, minimally invasive way of improving smiles.

Carbamide Peroxide breaks down over a longer period of time and offers a controlled peroxide release, for long lasting results. Hydrogen Peroxide in its raw form acts quickly upon contact with the teeth. Carbamide Peroxide is equivalent to approximately 1/3 of the strength of Hydrogen Peroxide.

10% CP = 3.3% HP approx

16% CP = 5.3% HP approx

6% HP = 18% CP approx

Customer Feedback

"Thank you so much for introducing the Big White Smile Whitening Gel to us. Since we have started selling Big White Smile, we have had some amazing feedback. Every single patient has said how happy they are with the result of the whitening gel. We are getting more and more requests for whitening due to this fantastic product."

Margaret George, Practice Manager, Museum Dental Suites

"I was reluctant to try something new, however I would highly recommend this. I noticed a change in my teeth from its first use with no sensitivity whatsoever. One tube goes a really long way, which makes the product well worth the money. The results I got were amazing. Thank you!"

A.M., Patient of The Balcombe Practice

How to use Big White Smile in 3 easy steps:

  • Take the patient's impressions with your preferred method.
  • Have your lab produce the patient's custom application tray.
  • Instruct patient on their first use of Big White Smile, then provide them with the take-home pack and instructions for use