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Eco-Friendly Products from Kent Express Dental Supplies

Eco-Friendly Products from Kent Express Dental Supplies

The products listed as Eco/Green in the Kent Express product portfolio have been included based on the marketing/product information provided by the supplier. Products included are indicated to be reusable, made from a sustainable source, contains recycled materials or can be recycled.


DEHP Evacuator




instrument tray

paper cups

leaf paper cups

monoart cups

Acclean toothbrush

biogreen micro app

Wisdom floos harps

Wisdom brushes

renew floss

Acclean Floss

Wisdom clean toothbrush

Wisdom toothbrush

tepe tongue cleaner

Tepe toothbrush

Tepe toothbrush

Tepe toothbrush


clinell wipes

hygoformic bio adaptor

There's increasing awareness of the need for environmental responsibility in the dental practice. Public Health England's 2014 report on the carbon footprint of the dental industry highlighted several ways that practices can improve their green credentials:

Reduce - Moving from paper to digital patient files and documentation, and "going paperless" where possible. Using digital radiography can reduce patient radiation exposure as well as helping the environment: there's no longer the need to use toxic developing chemical or lead foils. If incorrectly disposed of, amalgam has the potential to end up in the water system where it can release mercury. It can also release mercury into waste water during restorative procedures: if you're no longer using amalgam, you're one step closer to being green. Install a water meter, and use motion sensitive taps in bathrooms to minimize water use. Install energy and water efficient appliances where possible.

Reuse - Use air dryers rather than paper towels in bathrooms to save paper. Use reusable cups, plates and towels in your office, or if that's not possible buy products made from recyclable and biodegradeable materials. Provide a water filter so that staff can drink filtered water in reusable cups rather than using plastic bottles. Buy high quality equipment that can be updated and will not quickly become obsolete.

Recycle - Recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, batteries, aluminium, mobile phones and computers where possible and in line with your infection control and confidentiality procedures. Recycling shredded paper will contribute to sustainability. Buying recycled products helps to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the quantity of virgin materials used.

Rethink - Influence your staff to think green, and encourage them to avoid using the car to commute to work if possible. Share your innovations with patients where appropriate. Stock recycled and eco-friendly within your counter-top product range. Select products with minimal packaging, or recyclable packaging. Green practices often lead to financial savings for your business.

At Kent Express we've introduced a number of eco-friendly products that can help your practice and patients to be more eco-friendly, while also offering excellent value.