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3 Reasons Why BA Handpieces Offer the Best Value [Ad]

3 Reasons Why BA Handpieces Offer the Best Value [Ad]

3 Reasons BA Dental Handpieces Offer the Best Value

Whether it’s removing tooth tissue with a high-speed handpiece or polishing a tooth restoration with a low-speed device, ensuring your equipment is working to optimum efficiency is vital to streamlining dental procedures and achieving the best outcomes possible.

BA International is our best-selling dental handpiece brand with hundreds of our customers choosing to buy BA handpieces for their quality, price and extensive product range.


One of the reasons BA has grown into Kent Express’ biggest supplier of dental handpieces is the emphasis the brand places on championing high quality products.

Mostly manufactured in Germany and Japan and distributed to over 100,000 dental professionals worldwide, BA dental handpieces are known for their innovative features, superb handling and lightweight design.

When purchasing BA handpieces with Kent Express, dental care professionals can benefit from the additional value provided by our own dependable customer experience that’s centred around dedicated account managers, a 99% fulfilment rate and next working day delivery as standard.

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If you are buying, replacing or upgrading your dental handpieces, BA’s competitive dental handpiece prices are the perfect compromise between quality and affordability.

BA handpieces are often available on special promotions courtesy of Kent Express to help dental practices save money, particularly when you’re buying more than one handpiece at a time.

Offers currently include BA high speed turbines, speed increasing contra angles and straight handpieces suitable for denture trimming or oral surgery.

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Not many brands can rival BA when it comes to handpieces that range from entry level instruments to premium titanium turbines.

BA’s dental turbine range includes LED turbines and fibre optic and non-fibre turbines, suitable for the most common dental couplings, including Kavo, W&H and Sirona.

Straight handpieces and contra angles are available to suit all requirements and budgets, including models built with or without fibre optics, internal or external sprays and smart coatings to maximise comfort for both dentist and patient.

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