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5 Reasons To Buy The Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera

5 Reasons To Buy The Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera

5 Reasons To Buy The Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera

With the continuous innovation in dental cameras for precise imaging and a greater emphasis on preventive care, intraoral cameras (IOCs) have never been more popular.

Long gone are the days of heavy and expensive cameras with inconvenient docking stations. Most IOCs now are lightweight, a lot more affordable and require a simple USB connection.

Investing in an intra-oral camera for each of your dental chairs is a great way to improve patient diagnosis, education and compliance.

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a device used by clinicians to capture high resolution images of inside a patient’s mouth. Its design is slim and resembles that of an oversized pen.

The camera emits a light over the patient’s teeth and gums to produce real-time visuals that can be shared with the patient there and then.

The images produced are colourful, clearer and easier for the patient to understand compared to an x-ray. The procedure is also less invasive.

This makes it a great tool for discussing the patient’s current oral health with them and consulting on treatment options.

What makes the Acteon C50 special?


If you are in the market for an intraoral camera, here are 5 great reasons to consider the C50, Acteon’s most advanced intra oral camera to date.

It produces clearer and more detailed images

The Acteon C50 is fully HD to produce the clearest and most detailed images. The 1920x1980 pixels camera helps optimize diagnosis reliability.

The camera’s vision mode is great for comparing teeth stains and sharing with patients, whilst the macro mode provides greater visibility of fissures and cavities.

Clearer images lead to an easier clinical evaluation and makes communication between clinician and patient more straightforward.

It is simple to set up

One thing that puts off some clinicians from investing in an IOC is the uncertainty around how it would work with their current imaging software.

With the Acteon C50, clinicians needn’t worry. The camera is easily integrated into any software and is fully compatible with Twain, DICOM, Windows, AIS and Mac software for a seamless set-up.

Simply plug in the camera via USB into your laptop or computer and you’re ready to go.

It improves patient communication

Because the C50 is so easy to use and can produce instantly clear images of the finest details of the teeth, patients are able to comprehend the current state of their oral health a lot easier.

This helps them feel more involved as they quickly understand the importance of suggested treatment and thus increases the chances of patient treatment acceptance.

The ability to share HD images of their teeth while they are in the chair makes it easier to open up dialogue and make them more comfortable raising objections or highlighting any other concerns.

The benefit of being able to save the camera images directly to the patient’s record helps with monitoring progress and follow-up appointments.

It is highly versatile

The Acteon C50 comes with 5 different modes to cover different areas of the mouth in different levels of detail. These modes are:

daylight mode

Daylight mode
Record of natural colours for a better interpretation of tooth shade, pathology identification and patient follow-up.


perio mode

Perio mode
Enhancement of dental plaque and gingival inflammation, thanks to chromatic amplification.

cario mode

Cario mode
Caries detection by fluorescence technique by LEDs.

intraoral mode

Intraoral mode
Daylight or Diagnostic aid modes help you visualise anatomical details that are invisible to the naked eye or with a mirror.

portrait mode

Portrait mode
Orthodontics follow-up - This mode turns off the LED light to capture the patient's face or lateral side, ensuring the best orthodontics follow-up.

It's easy to use

Towards the top of the camera is the capture button which is ideally location for ergonomics. There are also buttons on the camera face for zooming in and out, and to access the menu.

The menu has options for focusing, diagnosis aid, zooming and a timer delay.

The autofocus feature is a great addition for clinicians as it makes capturing images of the teeth easier and faster without too much technique being required.

Where can I buy the Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera?

The Acteon C50 camera is available to purchase at Kent Express to dental professionals only.

To order, speak to your Account manager or call us on 0800 028 1181. Listed price includes installation fee.

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