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5 ways to save money on dental supplies

5 ways to save money on dental supplies

5 Ways to Save Money on Dental Supplies

Alongside a dentists’ own experience and skill, reliable and high quality dental supplies are critical to running a successful practice. Instruments and equipment need to be replaced and maintained, and as the leading mail order dental supplier in the UK we’re here to support you with the brands and products you need. We want your business to thrive, so offering great value is important to us. In this article we offer tips on how you can save money on your everyday dental supplies.

Look out for promotions

Keep a look out for exclusive promotions we regularly hold on various brands. Our promotions are available on both online and over the phone through our experienced account managers on 0800 028 1181. And if you think you’re getting better value elsewhere, talk to your account manager. We promise we’ll do everything we can to give you the best value in the market.

Sign up to our email newsletter and follow us on social media

We love to keep everyone up to date with the latest products and two excellent ways of staying in the know are through our e-mail newsletter and social media platforms. If you haven’t already, sign up to our email newsletter for access to exclusive offers, and keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Look out for competitions and special discounts on our social media feeds.


Budgeting can help keep more than just financial records in check. The beauty of our industry is that we can predict the procedures that we’ll be doing days and weeks in advance with a decent level of accuracy. That means we can predict the dental supplies that we’ll need in advance. Certain items will always need to be kept in stock, for example PPE, anaesthetics, needles and infection control products, but planning ahead for more complex treatments allows you to take advantage of special offers at the right time. And with next day delivery as standard, we’ll ensure you’re never short of the materials you need.

Try our exclusive dental brands

By changing from your regular brand to our exclusive brands such as Kent Dental, DEHP, Profection, Cybertech and Big White Smile, you can make major savings while maintaining the quality of your treatments. All of our own brand products are rigorously tested to meet all current standards, and come with a no-quibble 120 day guarantee. So by trying out our exclusive brands you’ve got nothing to lose, but money to save!

Always buy genuine supplies from an established distributor

More product distributors are coming into the market all the time, particularly online, so it’s important to consider the quality of the products they are selling. Is your distributor a member of the BDIA? Do their products meet all current UK and EU regulations for use in the surgery? How long has the distributor been trading for? Do they have a UK address, VAT number and registered company number? Performing these basic checks can help to prevent expensive mistakes, particularly when sourcing PPE products.

Find out more

We’re here to give you the best value on your day to day dental consumables and small equipment. We want to make managing your dental supplies so easy that you can focus on more important things: providing the best possible patient care, and growing your business. Speak to your Account Manager about how you can save money on your dental supplies with Kent Express today.

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