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6 Reasons Why the BA Ultimate Should be Your Next High-speed Turbine

6 Reasons Why the BA Ultimate Should be Your Next High-speed Turbine

6 Reasons Why the BA Ultimate Should be Your Next High-speed Turbine

With so many high-quality dental handpiece brands on the market, settling on one can be difficult.

Along with the BA Optima, the BA Ultimate handpiece range has been Kent Express best-selling high-speed turbine for several years running.

Here are 6 reasons why:



Mostly manufactured in Germany and Japan, countries synonymous with excellent handpiece production, BA handpieces are distributed to over 100,000 dental professionals in 52 countries globally.

All BA Ultimate high-speed turbines hold the CE mark and come with a two-year guarantee as standard for that extra peace of mind.

Should anything go wrong with their handpiece, dentists can turn to one of BA’s 15 service centres worldwide and free technical advice and customer service.

As far as handpiece repairs go, BA has the longest serving expertise and experience in the field at over 150 years.

Low maintenance

BA Ultimate high-speed turbines contain high-precision ball bearings inside the head that require cleaning and lubricating on a regular basis.

All handpieces in the range are suitable for washer disinfectors and autoclaves for easier and quicker sterilisation.

The titanium body on the BA Ultimate Power+ turbines can withstand chemicals and the sterilisation process better than chrome plate.

Prior to sterilisation, all handpieces can be easily lubricated individually using spray oil or simultaneously in under 20 seconds using the BA Ultimate CL0 automatic lubrication unit.

Patient safety

All good turbines should have sufficient cooling features to reduce the heat produced by the friction between the bur and tooth surface.

Excessive heat transfer can result in inflammation and necrosis of the pulp. Most electric contra-angles now have built in coolant ports to spray water at the bur-tooth surface to improve cooling efficiency and minimise pulp injury.

All BA Ultimate turbines come with quadruple (4-port) spray for optimal cooling.

Enhanced ergonomics

BA Ultimate high-speed turbine

Weight and grip are important considerations when purchasing a high-speed turbine. The lighter the handpiece, the more comfortable it should feel in the dentist’s hand.

Most modern turbines are designed to enable dentists to use the handpiece for extended periods of time without causing strain.

This is true of all BA695 and BA688Ultimate turbines, which are made with a special PVD “smart coating” for an even better grip.

BA Ultimate turbines also come with a choice of two head sizes, standard and mini. The mini head can make hard to see areas of the mouth more visible and help produce results with greater precision and accuracy.

Fibre optics

Fibre optics is a standard feature on all BA Ultimate high-speed turbines.

Fibre optic transillumination is a proven diagnosis tool that has been tried and tested over many years and which does not require the support of digital technology.

Among the long list of clinical procedures that can benefit from the use of fibre optics are identifying inter-proximal caries, calculus detection and evaluation of staining depth.

For more on the advantages of fibre optics and how they work, click here.


BA Ultimate turbines are available with 5 different connections and are therefore suitable for most dental chair tubing.

These connections are Kavo, NSK, Sirona, W&H and Bien Air. BA adaptors and couplings are also available to ensure perfect compatibility.

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Free stock deals are regularly available on BA Ultimate high-speed turbines and other BA handpieces. Click here to see all our latest offers.

Our handpiece specialist Jack is also available to answer any questions on our Ultimate handpiece range, and can be contacted directly on 01634 878759.