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How OptraGate Can Help Simplify Adhesive Bonding

How OptraGate Can Help Simplify Adhesive Bonding

How OptraGate Can Help Simplify Adhesive Bonding

Clear visibility of the treatment site is essential for most dental procedures, including adhesive bonding.

This and isolating the tooth from fluids are the building blocks for successful, unimpeded treatment.

OptraGate lip and cheek retractors from Ivoclar can help control moisture effectively and provide an unobstructed view of the oral cavity.

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What are the challenges when isolating a tooth?

The risk of contaminating the tooth surfaces during bonding procedures is one of the first challenges dentists must address during treatment.

Fluids such as blood and saliva have been proven to significantly decrease the bond strength of the adhesive to the enamel and dentine of the tooth.

Standard practice calls for appropriate isolation of the operative site for adhesive bonding to be carried out successfully.

Are rubber dams not used for this?

The placement of a rubber dam is often described as the most effective technique for moisture control.

Though they are a great tool for certain procedures, some dentists are reluctant to use them because they can be complicated to place.

They can also be time-consuming to work with and uncomfortable for some patients to wear.

As a convenient alternative, relative isolation devices such as OptraGate can provide a dry working field for adhesive bonding and help ensure long-term clinical success.


How does OptraGate work?

The OptraGate lip and cheek retractor allows you to isolate the working field quickly and easily while enhancing the accessibility and visibility of the procedure area.

The device gently and evenly retracts the lips and cheeks to ensure effective moisture control without causing the patient discomfort.

It completely covers and protects the patient’s lips when in place.

OptraGate can also help in keeping the patient’s mouth wide open during the entire procedure, as all kinds of jaw movements are possible due to the device’s three-dimensional elasticity.

OptraGate can be used in a variety of clinical situations, including intraoral scanning, restorations, paediatric dentistry and routine cleaning.

How to use OptraGate


OptraGate is easy to place as the video above shows.

What specific materials work well with OptraGate?

One adhesive material that works well with OptraGate is Adhese Universal, also from Ivoclar.

The self-etch adhesive comes in the innovative pen-like VivaPen delivery form with a bendable tip that allows the adhesive to be applied quickly and in controlled amounts directly in the mouth.

OptraGate helps to give access to all areas of the mouth, even those that are hard to reach, so that the teeth can be swiftly conditioned.

Find out more about the benefits of all-in-one adhesive systems like Adhese Universal here.

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