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How Ultra Safety Plus Twist Can Improve Pain Management

How Ultra Safety Plus Twist Can Improve Pain Management

How Ultra Safety Plus Twist Can Improve Pain Management

Septodont have taken the safety of dental practitioners and their patients seriously for over 30 years. The introduction of Ultra Safety Plus Twist is another chapter in their efforts to prevent needle-stick injury, with an easy-to-use Twist handle.

Although based around the market leading Ultra Safety Plus, Ultra Safety Plus Twist is a new product and requires some adaptive training.

Septodont understand the importance of the patient’s perception of dentistry and its relationship to pain control. Choosing the best equipment with which to administer the finest anaesthetic and using the best technique is important.

The importance of the needle

If you want patients to recommend your practice, appreciate the benefits of effective pain management.

Often taken for granted is the needle. In a study by A Steele et al, the difference in Newtons required to insert a standard dental needle on the fourth insertion compared to the first insertion is substantial.  This means discomfort for the patient which reflects on the practitioner. 

USP Twist uses Septodont’s high quality bevel indicated Septoject needles which came out on top in an independent study, published in 2005(1)(2), which performed an electron microscope scan to take a close look at seven commonly used brands of disposable dental needles. It revealed manufacturing defects at the needle point, such as burrs, jagged edges and blunt points.

needle force chart

This comparative study concluded that among these seven well-known brands, the best quality was the Septoject needles from Septodont.

needle defects

Septodont recommend using a new USP Twist syringe for each cartridge needed for a patient. If a practitioner chooses to reload, this should be kept to a minimum and they must ensure that the handle is first unlocked and removed straight from the syringe, with the plunger fully retracted, before disconnecting the handle from the barrel section.

Septoject needles

Switching to Ultra Safety Plus Twist

Click here for full details on how to convert to the Ultra Safety Plus twist.

Septodont also offer a one-hour CPD module on how to assemble and use the Ultra Safety Plus twist on their education site which also includes a recent webinar by Michelle Meredith – “Safer Needles – What’s the Point?”.

Online training for the Ultra Safety Plus Twist can be booked through the Septodont website.

The Ultra Safety Plus Twist from Septodont is currently on offer at Kent Express for only £27.

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(1) Microscopic evaluation of dental needles. Diego Espinosa Sanchez ans Roberto Espinosa Fernandez. University center of Health Sciences. Guadalajara Mexica. The dental surgeon of France N°1206 du 07 avril 2005.

(2) Assessing dental needles. Diego Espinosa Sanchez and Roberto Espinosa Fernandez .University center of Health Sciences, Guadalajara, Mexico. The DENTIST January 2007.66-68.

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