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How Venus Bulk Flow ONE Can Streamline Restorations

How Venus Bulk Flow ONE Can Streamline Restorations

How Venus Bulk Flow ONE Can Streamline Restorations

Venus Bulk Flow One from Kulzer is the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composite that does not require the need for an additional composite capping layer.

Its unique combination of physical properties makes it the ideal composite in cases with little patient compliance or time


Don’t all bulk fill flowable composites need a capping layer?

Most flowable bulk fills require an additional layer of conventional resin-based composite to cap the restoration.

This is because flowable bulk fills have a lower viscosity (lower filler content) and therefore reduced wear resistance and hardness properties.

For this reason, flowable bulk fill composites have come to be referred to as a bulk fill base.

Venus Bulk Flow ONE removes the need for an additional capping layer because of its low shrinkage stress, high flexural strength and high wear resistance.

These properties ensure durable restorations that withstand the high mastication loads at the back of the mouth.

Can Venus Bulk Flow ONE still be used with a capping layer?

Yes, Venus Bulk flow ONE can also be used with a capping layer in a traditional bulk fill base restoration technique.

This might be advisable in big cavities or cusp placements.

Using Venus Bulk Flow ONE without a capping layer is most beneficial in all clinical cases where a flowable viscosity is ideal during placement. This includes small cavities or those with tunnel preps, class III restorations with intact labial wall or class V restorations.

What is its curing depth?

Venus Bulk Flow ONE can be placed and cured in increments of up to 4mm inside a cavity.

What is a one-shade composite?


One-shade composites are resin composites used to restore multiple shades of tooth structure using a single shade. They are often referred to as universal composites.

The technology used in universal composites varies from product to product, but most incorporate silica particle into a resin matrix that allows the material to reflect the colour of the adjacent tooth structure and blend to the surrounding teeth.

Kulzer refers to this colour adaptation as ‘Adaptive Light Matching’ and the effect of a restoration becoming virtually invisible is often referred to as the ‘chameleon effect’.

Venus Bulk Flow ONE is the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composite in the dental market that adapts to any tooth shade from A1 to D4.

The benefits of opting for a one-shade composite include:

  • Minimises the number of shades needed in practice
  • Wide colour-matching ability takes guesswork out of shade selection
  • Reduce costs
  • Less time re-ordering multiple products
  • Less chance of composites expiring and going to waste
  • Eliminating shade matching step can reduce chair time

In cases of severe discolouration, Kulzer’s tooth-coloured opaque shade Venus Diamond Flow OM (Opaque Medium) can be used.

Is Venus Bulk Flow ONE radiopaque?

radiopacity graph

Yes, Venus Bulk Flow ONE fillings are easily recognized on x-rays which supports a reliable diagnosis.

Radiopacity has become an important and much-desired property to have in dental restoratives.

By showing up white on dental x-rays, radiopacity can help in the diagnosis of fractures, voids, over contouring, missing proximal contact, marginal imperfections, secondary caries and more.

Venus Bulk Flow ONE's high radiopacity of more than 250% AL allows for a safe and predictable diagnosis.

How is Venus Bulk Flow ONE presented?

Venus Bulk Flow ONE is available in the following packages:

Where can I buy Venus Bulk Flow ONE?

Kent Express sell Venus Bulk Flow ONE composite to GDC-registered dental professionals only.

This product and others from Kulzer are regularly available on special offer, including free stock deals.

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