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Product Focus - G-CEM ONE

Product Focus - G-CEM ONE

Product Focus: G-CEM ONE

Materials that can reduce the number of steps in a traditional workflow without hindering outcome success are always worth exploring.

This is especially true when the material’s effectiveness is backed by clinical studies and evidence.

This is the case with G-CEM ONE self-adhesive resin cement from GC.

What is G-CEM ONE?


G-CEM ONE is a self-adhesive resin cement that has been designed to make cementation procedures easier.

As a one-product solution, G-CEM ONE does this by reducing the need for separate cement and adhesive components and applications.

The product also carries with it all the traditional qualities needed in a resin cement, including high bond strength and long-lasting aesthetics.

What can G-CEM ONE be used for?

The indications of G-CEM ONE resin cement include:

  • Cementation of all types of all ceramic, resin and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
  • Cementation of metal, ceramic, fibre posts, and cast post and cores.
  • Cementation of all ceramic and composite veneers.
  • Final cementation of crowns and bridges on implant abutments.

What about more challenging restorations?

G-CEM ONE can also be used on more difficult clinical situations when combined with G-CEM ONE Adhesive Enhancing Prime (AEP).

The chemical initiator in the AEP accelerates the chemical cure of the cement from the tooth surface to ensure stable bonding.

This makes it suitable for both retentive and low retentive surfaces.

The AEP is also self-curing and simply requires air-drying for a few seconds after application.

What are the other advantages of G-CEM ONE?


Along with simplifying workflow, G-CEM ONE comes with the following advantages:

  • Self-curing
  • Non-technique sensitive
  • Tack cure feature for easy excess removal
  • Increased moisture and saliva tolerance when AEP is used
  • Optimal bond strength when AEP is used
  • Optimised flow of the paste
  • Invisible, wear resistant margin for aesthetic outcomes

What have studies shown?

Some studies have shown G-CEM ONE to be superior to other well-known self-adhesive resin cements when it comes to bond strength, wear resistance and saliva tolerance.

How can patients benefit?

A GC survey found that patients who have used G-CEM ONE have experienced virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

How many shades does G-CEM ONE have?

4 stable shades are available. These are A2, Translucent, AO3, White Opaque.

How is G-CEM ONE packaged?

G-CEM ONE is available as a starter kit, single or twin refills.

The AEP comes in the starter kit and is also available to purchase separately.

Where can I buy G-CEM ONE?

Kent Express sells every product in the G-CEM ONE range to dental professionals only.