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Reasons Dentists Should Switch to Paperless Statements

Reasons Dentists Should Switch to Paperless Statements

Reasons Dentists Should Switch to Paperless Statements

Now is the perfect time for dentists to make the switch to paperless statements and invoices. Kent Express customers can now receive all statements and invoices by email, as well as viewing them on the website at any time.

Keeping your statements and invoices online can save you time, lower your environmental impact and add convenience to managing your finances.

Many of our customers have already switched to paperless billing, and it couldn’t be easier.

How to switch

Switching to paperless is simple - just speak to your Account Manager or call our Sales team on 0800 028 1191 (Option 1) to make the change.

You can log into the website at any time and visit the “My Account” area of our website to view your balances, pay bills and see all your documents.

If you don’t have access to your online account, just call our Customer Service team on 0800 028 1181 (Option 3) and we’ll get it sorted.

Reasons to switch to online statements

Paying bills and filing statements online is a great way to lower the carbon footprint of your dental practice and help contribute towards the NHS’ net zero targets.

Though it’s near impossible to be really and truly paperless, you can minimize the amount of paper you use and the emissions from postage by embracing digital records and processes.

Less reliance on paper can reduce the amount of time you spend filing away documents and help save office storage space. You’ll also never be at risk of losing an important statement or bill.

Storing your documents in an always up-to-date online account provides the added benefit of allowing you to easily pay bills and keep up to date with finances on the move.


Switch to paperless statements and invoices today by calling us on 0800 028 1191 (Option 1).


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