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Reasons to Switch to an Electric Contra Angle Handpiece

Reasons to Switch to an Electric Contra Angle Handpiece

Reasons to Switch to an Electric Contra Angle

With infection control as important now than ever before, any adjustments or upgrades that can reduce the risk of virus particle transmission should be strongly considered.

While surgical masks are essential, they do not offer complete protection from aerosol splatter so should be supported by the right handpieces and equipment for extra precaution.

Making a switch to electric contra angle handpieces is a great place to start given they generate fewer aerosols than high-speed turbines as a result of being operated at 200,000 rpm, which is around half the speed. The intensity of particle distributed is reduced. This helps to limit the water spray generated.


What is a contra angle handpiece?

A contra angle handpiece is a dental instrument built with an angled shaft to reach less accessible areas of the mouth. Typical dental work that involves the use of a contra-angle includes endodontics and implantology procedures, such as removal of caries and refining a cavity preparation.

The best contra angle handpieces will be speed increasing, meaning they can easily switch from low speed to higher speeds.

A dental bur is placed at the end of the contra angle handpiece depending on the need for each situation.

Guide to Dental Burs

Electric contra angle

What is the benefit of electric contra angle handpieces?

In addition to aiding infection control through generating less aerosol, the most efficient electric contra angles, such as the BA250LT, offer the following benefits:

  • Higher efficiency at cutting various materials due to the much higher and consistent torque vs turbines
  • Quieter operating noise - more comfortable for patients
  • Retractable light guide that allows fitting to both optic and non-optic motors
  • Ergonomic design for a better grip

Electric contra angle handpieces work by connecting to your inbuilt dentist chair motor or an electric micromotor.

Electric contra angle

What is an electric micromotor?

For chairs that do not have inbuilt motors, an electric micromotor is required to power the contra angle or straight handpiece.

Electric micromotors are simple to set up and do not typically require a technician. Just simply plug in and play, and you’re all set.

As well as easy installation, modern electric micromotors will be compact and lightweight in design, and feature an internal spray and LED light, a flexible speed range and brushless motor technology for a longer life cycle.

The Ultimate EM420 Micromotor from BA has all the above features, along with two programmable memory functions.

Matching your contra angle handpiece and micromotor

To save you time and money, BA offers a bundle offer on its EM420 plug in and play micromotor and BA250LT contra angle.

Purchase the two together for only £899 exclusively with Kent Express by talking to your Account Manager or calling 0800 028 1181. Alternatively, purchase your contra angle and micromotor separately by clicking on the link below.

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