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Reduce aerosol production with speed increasing handpieces

Reduce aerosol production with speed increasing handpieces

Infection prevention and control is now more important than ever in dentistry. W&H handpieces can help to reduce aerosol generation while offering other unique benefits.

Aerosol: Electric highspeed vs turbine?

The amount of water spray coming from both kinds of handpieces is basically the same. The difference is the bur speed: electric highspeed handpieces are operated at 200,000 rpm, which is around half the speed of turbines. The intensity of particle distributed is reduced. This helps to limit the water spray generated.

Air leaks at the turbines head increase the distribution radius of floating particles around the head of the handpiece. This effect is significantly less with electric highspeed handpieces.

The water spray itself is not an infection risk providing that water quality is maintained, however when water droplets come in contact with the patient, they can absorb germs which has then rebound for any surface within the oral cavity and spread as infectious aerosol. (Source: Tobias Schwarz, W&H)

Hygenic head anti-retraction system

All W&H turbines have built-in hygienic head systems to prevent cross infection. This is designed to minimise and offset any negative impact from run-out time when the rotor continues momentarily before stopping. This minimises retraction of air, water particles and bodily fluids into the handpiece.

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In addition to the hygienic head system, W&H turbines and quick couplings also have an anti-retraction valve which prevents the backflow of potentially contaminated water particles from the turbine or coupling towards the central water supply.


Contra-angle handpieces and aerosol

There are no additional hygiene systems incorporated in contra-angle and straight handpieces as they run at lower speeds - a maximum of 200,000 rpm - so no specific hygiene head design is required.

Aerosol exposure is reduced and for this reason some practitioners choose to use speed-increasing handpieces instead of turbines.

What are the benefits of using speed increasing contra-angle handpieces?


  • They offer more torque and precision for increased control during treatment.
  • They usually require fewer repairs
  • They produce reduced aerosol as they do not run on air (if using speed-increasing handpieces, an electric motor will be required)

Synea Fusion Contra-Angle Handpieces

  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Triple spray for TE-97 and TE-98 models
  • Powerful and reliable performance
  • Patented hygienic head system
  • Integrated resuction stop
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable

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