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Save Money And The Environment With DEHP Hand Towels

Save Money And The Environment With DEHP Hand Towels

Save Money And The Environment With DEHP Hand Towels

All dental teams have been there. You offer a patient a hand towel and they take enough for the whole waiting room. And then there is the bathroom towel dispenser, full one morning and bare the next.

Dental practices get through a lot of paper towels. This won’t change anytime soon.

What can change is how much you spend on towels and the environmental impact they have.

Switching to DEHP recycled hand towels can both help save your practice money and lower your carbon footprint.

How to find the best priced hand towels

The sheer number of hand towels practices dispose of annually means several restocks a year are often required and costs can quickly mount up.

Kent Express’ two most popular hand towel brands are currently DEHP and Nationwide, both of which are trusted by hundreds of dentists across the UK.

Here are how the two compare on price:

DEHP C-Fold Recycled Hand Towels 2304pk (25x33cm) Nationwide C-Fold Paper Hand Towels 2400pk (40x38cm) Price Difference

£34.75 or £1.50 per 100 towels (regular price) 

£45 or £1.87 per 100 towels

DEHP Hand Towels are £0.37 cheaper per 100 wipes at regular price


Switching to DEHP recycled hand towels from Nationwide C-Fold 2-Ply Paper Towels would save you over £10 every time you buy and over £100 after 10 restocks.


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Environmental impact

Paper towels are used for a variety of purposes in a dental practice. This includes for patients to dry their hands and wipe their mouths, and for the dental team to wipe wet areas and mop up spills.

The more paper towels we order, the more trees that need cutting down.

Choosing recycled towels that are made from recycled materials and renewable resources over paper towels can ease the world’s reliance on tree wood.

Using recycled paper saves energy and produces fewer emissions than paper towels as they are easier to process into new products.

What else is important to consider

Other important factors to consider include towel design and ply.

Hand towel designs

types of hand towels

The two most common types of hand towels are C-fold and Z-fold.

C-fold hand towels - The most traditional type of hand towel. They come folded in half with the edges tucked under. These can be used in a hand towel dispenser or loose.

C-fold towels come out of a dispenser still folded up, so are likely to be pulled out in bunches. This means some of the towels often go straight in the bin as many people do not unfold the towel before drying their hands.

Z-fold hand towels - Come folded in three layers to form a z shape. Also known as multifold towels, these can be used in a hand towel dispenser or loose.

When pulled out of a dispenser, Z-fold towels come out fully open making the chances of somebody using them one-at-a-time more likely and thus reducing the number of towels wasted.

Hand towel ply

What is ply? It is simple. 2 ply hand towels are made of two layers moulded together and 1 ply hand towels are just the one layer.

This makes 2 ply paper towels stronger and more absorbent than 1 ply paper towels.

3 ply hand towels are also available to offer the greatest level of strength and absorbency, although naturally these towels are more expensive.

Other ways to save with DEHP

It is not only hand towels that DEHP could save your practice money on. Savings can be made by switching to DEHP disposables, restoratives, infection control products and more.

Used by thousands of UK dental professionals and trusted by 83% of Kent Express customers, DEHP is Kent Express’ number one selling brand for gloves, burs, glass ionomer, impression materials and pouches.

Browse our latest offers from DEHP here.

All DEHP products, including DEHP C-fold Recycled Hand Towels, come with a no-quibble money-back guarantee as standard for extra peace of mind.

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