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SDI Pola Night Teeth Whitening - An Essential Overview

SDI Pola Night Teeth Whitening - An Essential Overview

SDI Pola Night Teeth Whitening – An Essential Overview

What is pola night?

Pola night is an advanced take-home tooth whitening kit from SDI. It is designed to make at-home whitening safe, convenient and effective for users.

Part of SDI’s wider pola whitening range, pola night is specifically designed for patients who prefer to whiten their teeth overnight.

It is one of the most widely used teeth whitening systems worldwide with millions of users.

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How does pola night work?

Pola night contains carbamide peroxide (CP). This is the ingredient that penetrates the enamel of the tooth and oxidizes the dark pigment molecules within.

By breaking down darkly coloured molecules, it bleaches the underlying tooth colour to a whiter shade.

CP's oxidizing power releases in the first 2 hours, then continues to work for up to 6 more hours. Because it spends more time in contact with the teeth, it is often used in products that are worn overnight like pola night.

Current EU regulations limit the amount of carbamide peroxide allowed in a whitening product to 16% for safety reasons.

Pola night comes in either a 16% concentration or 10%. The higher the CP strength, the stronger and quicker the results.

How do you use pola night?


SDI pola night whitening gel comes in a syringe from which it is dispensed onto a custom-fitted whitening tray by the patient.

The patient then inserts the tray carefully into their mouth and leaves on overnight to whiten.

Using custom trays made from taking an impression of the patient’s mouth ensures full coverage of the teeth and better results. It is also more comfortable and can therefore increase treatment compliance.

Instructions on how to use pola night are included with every kit. Patients should brush and clean their teeth before using the gel.

Is pola night safe?

sdi pola night

The most common side effects of teeth whitening are sensitive teeth and temporary gum irritation, but pola night is designed to prevent this.

It does this by using a unique, high water content formulation that has a neutral pH and high viscosity.

This formulation protects the nerves and nerve endings in the patient’s gums, and protects the gums from irritation, burning, pain or long-term nerve damage.

The incorporation of special additives minimises plaque formation and enhances remineralisation to further reduce sensitivity. Antibacterial properties help in tooth recovery.

The gels’ neutral pH ensures the full release of the peroxide without jeopardising patient comfort.

Does it release fluoride?

Yes. Pola night contains fluoride which remineralises the tooth surface to help reduce post-operative sensitivity.

Does it have a taste?

SDI pola night gel has a fresh and long-lasting spearmint flavour.

How long should pola night be used for?

Pola night 10% :  2 hours to overnight

Pola night 16% : 90 minutes to overnight

Where can I buy pola night?

SDI pola night teeth whitening kits are available to buy online at Kent Express if you are a GDC-registered dentist. All kits come with free next working day delivery as standard when you buy online.

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