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Shop Endodontic Files From Kent Express

Shop Endodontic Files From Kent Express

Shop Endodontic Files from Kent Express

Kent Express’ endodontics range includes several of the world’s leading brands, such as Edge Endo, Dentsply, Kerr and Coltene. Great value can also be found in our own fast-growing brand Supreme Endo.

To help you find the right endo files for your practice, we’ve shortlisted a selection of our most popular rotary files for predictable and successful outcomes.

Nickel titanium endodontic files

Nickel Titanium files, or NiTi files as they are commonly known, are superelastic files used to clean and shape canals.

They are the preferred choice of file for many dentists as they have a reduced risk of fracture and fatigue compared to stainless steel files, and increased flexibility. They can be used within rotary systems, or manually for fine control.

Edge One Fire from Edge Endo


Heat-treated NiTi files designed to shape canals in a reverse-reciprocating motion.

The EdgeOne Fire is based on the heat-treated FireWire NiTi alloy: an innovation in file metallurgy . This makes the file more flexible with exceptional cyclic fatigue resistance. This means the file can go around curves in a canal for longer with less chance of breaking.

The files are capable of 90° curves and will remain curved in the canal (they don’t “bounce back”). This can help to reduce pressure on the file and make it last longer.

Another advantage is compatibility. Edge Endo files can be used with most endo motors with no change in technique required.

The EdgeOne Fire comes in sterile packaging and is available in sizes small (20), primary (25), medium (35) and large (45). Available lengths are 21mm, 25mm and 31mm. The file sizes are easily identifiable by the different handle colours that correspond with ISO standards.

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EdgeTaper Platinum file from Edge Endo

The EdgeTaper Platinum has all the same advantages as the EdgeOne Fire: incredible cyclic fatigue strength, superb flexibility and shape memory.

It is also designed to work with most handpieces so makes transitioning between systems seamless.

The files have a convex triangular cross section that maximises cutting efficiency. The EdgeTaper Platinum’s progressive changing taper is designed for improved canal centring ability.

EdgeTaper files are meant to be used in sequence: SX-S2 then F1-F2. The available lengths are 21mm, 25mm and 31mm, and all are presented in sterile packaging.

Dentsply WaveOne Gold File


The WaveOne Gold is one of the most popular endo systems on the market. WaveOne Gold NiTi reciprocating files are designed for safety, flexibility and shorter shaping time.

The files are 80% more flexible than standard rotary NiTi systems (source: Dentsply) and can cover a wider range of canal morphology.

The WaveOne Gold family of instruments contains small, primary, medium and large files. Available lengths are 21mm, 25mm and 31mm.

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Dentsply ProTaper Gold File

Dentsply ProTaper was the first rotary file system to contain different tapers of increasing and decreasing angles in the entire active portion of the file.

The variable design of the ProTaper Gold enables the dentist to consistently create uniformly tapered shapes in difficultly curved canals.

Kerr K3 File

Asymmetric NiTi endodontic file system designed to remove canal debris quickly, efficiently and safely.

The Kerr K3 file has a variable pitch throughout the length of the file to effectively transport debris during cleaning and shaping.

Kerr K3 files are manufactured with increased strength to feel more solid in the canal and provide dentists with full confidence that the file will not fracture.

Coltene HyFlex File

Highly flexible nickel titanium files with controlled memory. The file can be bent before use to allow dentists to go around a canal more easily. This makes it ideal for patients who cannot open very wide.

Once sterilised, the regenerative HyFlex file will return to its original shape and stability ready for reuse.

The fracture resistance of HyFlex EDM NiTi files is designed to reduce the number of files required for cleaning and shaping root canals.


We stock a full range of Endodontic products at Kent Express including K files, hedstroem files, gates glidden drills, gutta percha point and paper points, together with accompanying placement systems and rubber dam.

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