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The Benefits of a Universal Shade Composite System

The Benefits of a Universal Shade Composite System

The Benefits of a Universal Shade Composite System

The challenge of matching composite restoration to surrounding tooth structure can lead to the stocking of an excessive number of shades varieties, many of which end up expiring and going to waste.

To prevent wastage and simplify the shade matching process, many practices are turning to universal shade composites and other multi-shade systems

Universal composites are now some of our most popular restoratives and are fast becoming a must-have for dentists.

How does universal shading work?


Universal shade composites are resin composites used to restore multiple shades of tooth structure using a single shade.

The technology used in universal composites varies from product to product, but most incorporate silica particle into a resin matrix that allows the material to reflect the colour of the adjacent tooth structure and blend to the surrounding teeth.

This is often referred to as the chameleon-effect.

Products marketed as 'universal composites' tend to have a condensed system of between 3-8 shades that cover the 16 VITA classical shades.

Other products, such as Venus Pearl One, offer a single shade system designed to match every shade from A1 to D4 and be used for most anterior and posterior direct restorations.

What are the benefits of universal composites?

Whether you want a condensed number of shades or the one single shade for a truly universal solution, switching to a universal composite system can offer the following:

  • Minimises the number of shades needed in practice
  • Wide colour-matching ability takes guesswork out of shade selection
  • Reduce costs
  • Less time re-ordering multiple products
  • Less chance of composites expiring and going to waste
  • Eliminating shade matching step can reduce chair time
  • Avoids the possible frustration of a colour shift after composite has cured
  • Suitable for most clinical scenarios

Discover three of our favourite universal composites

kerr simplishade composite

Kerr SimpliShade Universal Composite

  • Powered by Adaptive Response Technology (ART) for lifelike restorations
  • Just 3 shades to match all 16 VITA classical shades
  • Easier and faster shade selection
  • Works in all cavity classes without the need for a blocker

Shop SimpliShade 

3M Filtek Universal Restorative

  • Simplified shade selection - Just 8 designer shades
  • Universal opacity to meet most clinical needs
  • Extra White shade for matching bleached teeth
  • Pink Opaquer to easily mask dark areas

Shop Filtek Universal

sdi aura

SDI Aura Universal Composite

  • 8 dentine shades, 3 enamel shades
  • Linear and scientific arrangement brings predictability and simplicity to customising shades
  • Focuses on where tooth colours vary (the ‘chroma’) to recreate the natural make-up and colours of the enamel and dentine
  • long-lasting and lifelike restorations

Shop SDI Aura


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