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Why Now Is The Time To Consider Own Brand Restoratives

Why Now Is The Time To Consider Own Brand Restoratives

Why Now is the Time to Consider Own Brand Restoratives

Most people are aware that choosing an own brand product over big-named brands can save them money.

This is as true when stocking up on dental consumables as it is when walking around a supermarket, where nearly half of consumers now opt for own brand items as inflation continues to rise.

But some dentists continue to shy away from own brand dental products. This is sometimes down to a lack of information or scepticism around quality.

The ideal solution to this is products that can be purchased risk-free, which is true of all Kent Express own brands restoratives from DEHP and Cybertech.

Zero chance of buyer’s remorse

own brand guarantee

No matter how big the assurances of a product’s quality, it is only natural to be hesitant when switching from a restorative you’ve used for years to a less familiar alternative.

To help ease these concerns, all our own brand products come with a no quibble 100% money-back guarantee as standard.

This means that if you happen to buy an own brand restorative product that you’re not happy with, you can send it back to us for a full refund – no questions asked.

Our own brand guarantee means you can try out a variety of our money-saving restoratives free from the worry of buyer’s remorse.

Trusted by dentists

When considering trying an own brand product it can be reassuring if you know other dentists have already made the switch.

Kent Express own brand products are used by 83% of our customers and are now our number one selling brands for glass ionomer, burs, pouches, gloves, impression materials and more.

In total, over 1.5 million units of Kent Express own brand products have been delivered to more than 4,000 dental practices across the UK and Ireland since 2021.

Saving you money

One of the biggest benefits of switching to our own brand restoratives is the money that it can save.

With sky-high energy bills and the ongoing cost of living crisis, now is a perfect time to think about what restorative materials and other consumables you might be spending over the odds on.

To give you an idea of how much switching to an own brand can save your practice, check out the articles below:

Call your account manager today to see how much you could be saving on your restoratives and discuss locking in discounted prices as part of a Kent Express Price Plan.

What is a Price Plan?

No drop-off in quality

One myth that has always lingered around own brand products is that they are not as good quality as bigger, multinational brands.

This isn’t true. Many own brand restoratives are virtually identical to their more expensive big brand equivalents and are regulated to the exact same standards.

There is also no shortage of variety when it comes to own brand with all areas of modern restorative dentistry covered from nanohybrid composites to glass ionomer cements.  

Below are three of our most popular and bestselling restorative products for you to consider.

DEHP Glass Ionomer Powder

dehp glass ionomer

  • Kent Express’ bestselling GI restorative for several years running
  • Used for Class III and V cavities, posterior cavities in deciduous teeth and selected permanent teeth, 'sticky' pits and fissures, core build-up, and MI treatments
  • Easy to mix with water
  • Very good translucency and excellent biocompatibility
  • Good chemical adhesion to tooth structure
  • Radiopaque (allows x-rays to distinguish between GI and natural tooth more easily)

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DEHP Nano Flowable Composite

  • Nanohybrid (provides appropriate strength and opacity, combined with excellent and polish retention and aesthetics
  • Thixotropic (stays where you need it and flowable when you want it)
  • Indications include Class V fillings, anterior fillings (Class III and IV), small posterior fillings and minimally invasive preparations
  • Radiopaque (allows x-rays to distinguish between composite and natural tooth more easily)
  • Available in shades A2/B2 and A3/D3

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Cybertech Fill NaNo2

cybertech composite

  • State-of-the-art light curing nanocomposite
  • Specifically indicated for direct filling of Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities
  • Also indicated for luting and repairing of ceramic and composite restorations
  • Radiopaque (allows x-rays to distinguish between composite and natural tooth more easily)
  • Covers a range of tooth shades in both enamel and dentine

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