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ChemFil Superior

ChemFil Superior is at the forefront of glass-ionomer technology and links outstanding adhesion to superior handling characteristics and pleasing aesthetics. It combines a smooth and non-sticky consistency for easy application with a high powder loading for extra mechanical strength. 

ChemFil Superior offers both sufficient working time and the most rapid set possible. It is th ideal restorative material for cavities with margins mainly in dentine and cavities close to the gingival margin, where moisture control is not possible.

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Chemfil Superior

Palodent Complete System Kit

Palodent matrix systems help you achieve reliable isolation with a tight gingival seal. With Dentsply Sirona's advanced designs, recreating accurate anatomically shaped matrices deliver natural contours for better clinical outcomes - without bulky equipment, obstructions to your working room, or the need for extensive interproximal finishing.

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Cavitron 300 Feel the difference of effortless rotation

Less heat and less water for better patient comfort.

The digital power control of the Cavitron 300 Seriers is more efficient because it utilizes both the positive and negative energy in the electronic circuit. This decreases the amount of energy running through the unit, creating less heat.

In traditional analog Cavitron Systems, only the positive energy is being used to drive the handpiece. The unused negative energy in the unit builds up heat in the handpiece. Clinicians may compenstate for the heat by increasing the water to cool the handpiece. This practice creates additional water for the patient, creating an unpleasant experience.

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Cavitron 300