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X-Smart Plus offers everything you liked about X-Smart with a Plus

Endo motor for performing root canal treatments with reciprocating,single file technique or traditional continuous rotation file systems. Excellent visibility and access with the miniature contra-angle attachment. On/off button on the motor handpiece. 'Click and go' navigation. File selection at a single glance; ISO colour coded file library. Battery or mains operated. Battery charge lasts 2 hours. Full battery recharge: 5 hours. Contra-angle calibration, speed range 250-1,200rpm. Torque range: 0.6-4.0N/cm.

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X-Smart Plus

Propex Pixi is everywhere you need it.

Pocket-sized apex locator determines root canal working length with proven accuracy and reliability. Clip-on measuring wire keeps the Propex Pixi in place. Compact and convenient; facilitates treatment, storage and transport.

It provides control and comfort with its multi-frequency apex locator technology working in dry and wet canals. It requires no calibration and no zero adjustment. See it. Hear it.

The Propex Pixi features dual control by visually displaying the file progression in the root canal and a progressive sound control with 4 volume levels.

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Propex Pixi

For dental professionals striving for greater comfort and control, only Cavitron systems deliver Tap-On Technology— the next big step in ultrasonic scaling.

Tap-On Technology is designed to reduce leg and ankle discomfort associated with continued foot pedal usage – A single tap activates scaling, allowing you to rest your foot during the procedure.

Additional power option include single-push turbo mode for up to 25% greater power and hands-free boost activation by pressing the pedal to the floor.
Finer water control allows for more precise and convenient adjustment of lavage on the handpiece to the preferred setting.

Extended Low Power Range, BlueZone, designed for improved patient comfort.

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Cavitron Plus

Chemfil Superior
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