D-Light Duo Curing Light

Lightweight cordless LED curing lamp. Its dual wavelength and reliable performance make it possible for quick curing of all materials efficiently.

  • Dual wavelength: able to cure all materials (400-480nm).
  • Output 1200-1350mW/cm2.
  • Capacity: 97*10s cycles with just 75 minutes recharging time.
  • Extremely lightweight (70g) and small size (208mm).
  • Autoclavable black light guide.
  • 3 years warranty on the device, 12 months warranty on battery.


Get the D-Light Duo Curing Light FREE when you spend £1100 (+VAT) on the following GC restoratives.

  • G-aenial LC composite
  • Essentia composite range
  • EverX Flow
  • EverX Posterior
  • EQUIA Forte HT


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duo curing light


EQUIA Forte HT (High Translucency)

Bulk fill glass hybrid long term restorative system

Building on the success of the clinically proven EQUIA family, the new EQUIA Forte HT is a strong biocompatible long-term bulk fill restorative system (Fil & Coat) with enhanced mechanical properties, excellent handling and improved translucency.

The unique glass hybrid technology with intelligent particle size distribution and synergistic coat make EQUIA Forte HT restorative system a versatile and durable restorative solution, ideal for patients of all ages, including paediatric, geriatric, high caries risk and special care patients.



Self-adhesive resin cement

G-CEM ONE is a truly universal, non-technique sensitive cement with high bond strength and excellent self-curing ability. It simplifies all your cementation procedures and gives you more predictable results and peace of mind. G-CEM ONE can be used for a wide range of indications, including challenging clinical situations thanks to the GC Touch Cure.

One GC Touch Cure
The chemical initiator in G-CEM ONE Adhesive Enhancing Primer will accelerate the chemical cure of the cement from the tooth surface to ensure stable bonding.

Optimal bond strength for retentive and non-retentive preparations thanks to the unique GC Touch Cure ability of the optional G-CEM ONE Adhesive Enhancing Primer.

Technique insensitive
Exceptional self-curing for your peace of mind, tack cure feature for easy excess removal and clean up, moisture and saliva tolerance, optimised flow of the paste and virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

G-CEM ONE Adhesive Enhancing Primer (Optional)
For all abutment tooth and cavities
MDP: bond to tooth structure, zirconia and non-precious metal
4-MET: bond to tooth structure
MDTP: bond to precious metal
Accelerator ⇒ Strong bonding to abutment tooth and cavity by GC Touch Cure feature.


Initial LiSi Blocks

Lithium Disilicate CAD/CAM Block

Initial LiSi Block is a fully crystallized lithium disilicate block that delivers optimal physical properties without firing. This unique block features GC’s proprietary HDM (High Density Micronization) technology for CAD/ CAM dentistry to deliver high wear resistance, smooth margins and aesthetic final results. This makes it an ideal, time saving solution for single visit chairside treatments.

GC has further developed HDM technology for CAD/CAM dentistry by optimizing the crystal size and glass matrix stiffness. Thanks to this new technology, good machinability, marginal integrity, polishability, and wear resistance are achieved at the same time. The result is a strong and easy-to-mill block that offers the same strength with or without firing.

Just Mill, Polish and Place

Initial LiSi Block can dramatically reduce process time: no need to fire, glaze, characterize and cool.

This saves up to 40% in the time required to create your restorations, also reducing the chair time for you and your patient. You just need to mill, polish and place!

Lisi Block