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Venus Bulk Flow ONE

Venus Bulk Flow ONE is one of the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composites without the need for an additional capping layer. As a further universal shade solution for everyday cases, it is the ideal choice for restorations in the posterior region.

The flowable consistency makes it a great choice for bulk-filling with increments of up to 4 mm. Due to the incredible shade matching properties of all ONE composites, it represents the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composite in the dental market that adapts to any tooth shade from A1 to D4.

Efficient handling - Cavities are filled quickly and easily with increments of up to 4 mm without the need for an additional capping layer.

Long-lasting restorations - Low shrinkage stress, high flexural strength and high wear resistance ensure durable restorations that withstand the high mastication load in the posterior region.


Versatile range of impression materials designed to cover all clinical situations, independent of the technique.

Xantasil - Covers all anatomical impression indications for which traditional alginates would typically be used. The addition-curing, elastomeric alginate substitute will give you robust impressions with long-term dimensional and storage stability every time.

Flexitime - Adapts perfectly to your personal treatment preferences. It is provided with an intelligent setting time concept and the different materials can be individually combined.

Provil Novo - Modular a-silicone system consisting of five perfectly matched consistencies, available in two setting times. With its optimal quality and broad range of indications, it serves as a base for precise impressions and accurate prosthetics.

Venus Pearl

Beauty beyond aesthetics

Easy and convenient handling: Venus Pearl combines a creamy consistency and minimal stickiness with simultaneously exceptional high sculptability. It offers an extended working time and is perfect to model and polish.
Outstanding physical properties: The material combines high flexural strength with minimal shrinkage stress. You obtain long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing restorations with a permanent, natural lustre.
One-shade solution: Venus Pearl ONE offers incredible shade matching properties. ONE shade blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of tooth shade, enabling restorations to simply disappear.