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High Quality Dental Products. Made in Germany.
With massive growth and outstanding product quality, the family-owned dental specialists VOCO is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.VOCO offers more than 100 branded products in the fields of preventative, restorative and prosthetic dentistry which are highly regarded around the world, leading the way due to their innovative approaches and solutions. VOCO carries out its research, development and production at its company headquarters in Cuxhaven, Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality

Worldwide renown and steady growth in the dental industry.
This continuous development is reflected in a wide product range including VOCO Profluorid Varnish, Clip, Structur and V-Posil. VOCO especially stands for the highest quality in the field of restorative materials. For example, the first ever nanohybrid composite, Grandio, was launched in 2003 and represented a new standard in the product category. The product range was complemented by its further development, GrandioSO, and a whole range of other line extensions. In 2015, VOCO established the first pure ceramic filling material with the unique nanohybrid ORMOCER, Admira Fusion. VOCO has launched 26 new products in the last 5 years alone, continuing to meet the needs of dental professional and patients. VOCO's latest global first VisCalor bulk launched in June, which combines the benefits of a flowable and sculptable material due to the unique thermo-viscous-technology.

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Profluorid varnish
Perfect Bleach
Admira Fusion